Xicom XTD-750DBS1 DBS-Band TWTA (Antenna Mount)

The Xicom XTD750DBS1 are compact self-contained, antenna mountable power amplifiers designed for low cost installation and long life.

The design eliminates the need for an amplifier shelter as well as a long waveguide run between the amplifier and the antenna feed horn. RF harmonic filters, cooling, and monitoring & control systems are all selfcontained within the HPA. These features provide high reliability, low maintenance costs, and low replacement costs.

The amplifier incorporates high efficiency multistage collector TWTs. Some of the benefits of this type of TWT are: reduced prime power consumption, lower internal operating temperatures, and reliability enhancement. These benefits are obtained for both the linear and saturated modes of operation.

One of the features of the XTD750DBS1 is incorporation of power factor correction and reduces the required voltamps. The combination of power factor correction and high efficiency TWTs reduces input VoltAmps by 45% when compared to equivalent amplifiers. A high frequency resonant conversion power supply that is used accepts a wide range of prime power (180 to 260 VAC). The automatic features of the power supply include quick recovery from prime power outages and multiple helix fault resets (three fault cycles).

A complete serial monitoring and control system is built into the unit.

The XTD-750DBS1 may be configured for single thread, redundant or phasecombined operation. It can be configured to control one or two switches.

An optional linearizer is available to allow increased transmit power while meeting spectral regrowth requirements.

A remote external controller is available to operate the HPA from user selected location. Mounting brackets can be supplied to mount the HPA to most popular antennas.

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