06 May

AvL 1278K-09 1.2M Mobile VSAT Antenna

Reliable, robust and simple to operate, the AvL 1278K-09 Mobile VSAT vehicle mounted antenna features an offset 1.2m reflector paired with a patented AvL Cable Drive positioner.

The 1278K-09 has been retooled for 2009 with a sleek design and numerous new features. This model can be mounted on a large SUV, van, or larger vehicles and trailers.

Some of the standard features include:

  • One button auto-acquisition controller
  • 400 degree azimuth range
  • Hand cranks on all axes
  • Integrated GPS
    Level sensors for automatic vehicle tilt compensation and automatic cross pol alignment

Other options include 1RU rack mounts, minimized stow height, and more.

Created for use where performance really matters, AvL’s Vehicle Mounted Mobile Broadband systems enable video, voice, IP and data communication anywhere in the world, with the push of a single button.

The precision of AvL’s patented AvL Cable Drive positioners paired with the ease of one-button Auto-Acquisition and superior technical support make our vehicle mount antennas ideal for non-technical antenna operators.


AvL vehicle mount antennas provide the dependability necessary to create communication networks in dire situations or remote locations where terrestrial networks have failed or do not exist. AvL antennas are already in use by, FEMA, National Guard and numerous state Emergency Response Units.

AvL 1278-09 Mobile VSAT FEATURES

  • New sleek lines and enhanced overall features
  • Compact and low profile direct drive motorized polarization assembly offers +/- 100 degree adjustment range offering more performance and even greater reliability
  • Modular pol drive system for easy serviceability
  • Hand crank on polarization
  • Hand crank on azimuth
  • Hand crank on elevation
  • Ergonomically designed AZ and EL hand crank hole covers
  • Reduced overall height and weight
  • Minimum vehicle roof footprint
  • Twin feed boom arms allow larger and heavier BUCs to be easily incorporated
  • Integrated feed boom azimuth clamp automatically traps feed boom and prevents azimuth movement during transport even under extreme motion
  • Enhanced removable vehicle mount pallet improves appearance and functionality
  • Optional mounting bracket alternatives, attachment points are in flange of pallet
  • Optional Thule bar interface kit
  • Rear support structure cover
  • Convenient and adaptable customer connector interface panel
  • Re-engineered to reduce components and improve reliability by extensively using marine grade aluminum castings
  • Aerodynamic back cover (option)
  • Precision feed, with field replaceable lens cover
  • Larger AZ plate opening to accommodate large BUC power cables

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28 Apr

AvL 1248K 1.2M Mobile VSAT Antenna

The AvL 1248K Mobile VSAT is a 1.2M case-based flyaway antenna with interchangeable Ku LP and Ka CP feeds.

The AvL 1248K antenna features include:

  • Reflector Type: 1.2M 4-piece AvL Carbon Fiber
  • Optics: Offset, Prime Focus, 0.8 F/D
  • Interchangeable Feeds: Ku LP, Ka CP
  • Positioner: Case-based
  • Az/El Drive System: Patented AvL Cable Drive Positioner
  • Mount Geometry: Elevation over Azimuth
  • Polarization Adjustment: Motorized Rotation Feed
  • Military Standard: MIL-STD-188-164a Type E-V

PRECISION TECHNOLOGY – Extraordinary Reliability

  • Creates 2-way, real-time transmission of video, voice, IP and data via satellite
  • Maximum uplink wattage of 25 watts, targeted especially for video conferencing, tele-medicine, business-to-business, and emergency communications
  • Motorized antenna equipped with controller to automatically find satellite
  • Cost-effective, priced to be an affordable alternative to T1 installation

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