Comtech EF Data Advanced VSAT Series

Comtech EF Data’s Advanced VSAT Series products offer industry-leading solutions for cellular backhaul, Universal Service Obligation (USO) networks, corporate networks, Internet Service Providers and other applications requiring high-performance IP transport in a hub-spoke network environment.

Incorporating advanced technologies developed by Comtech EF Data, Comtech AHA and Memotec, these products are specifically designed to provide unmatched performance at an attractive price for a wide range of applications in a hub-spoke environment.

The Advanced VSAT Series includes the CDM-800 Gateway Router, the CDM-840 Remote Router, the CDD-880 Multi-Receiver Router and the CXU-810 RAN Optimizer. The products incorporate industry-leading WAN bandwidth optimization to provide the most efficient:

  • Physical layer transport without compromising latency
  • Link layer transport
  • Higher layer transport
  • Transport for Radio Access Network (RAN) backhaul

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