AvL Model 1030 Pack-In-The-Box (PIB) Flyaway 1.0M/1.2M Tri-Band Quick-Deploy Auto-Acquire Antenna

The AvL Technologies 1030 1.0m PIB Band-Configurable SNG Motorized Flyaway Antenna includes: AvL Model 1030 2-axis Cable Drive Positioner: ±90° Az & 0-100° El Travel, AvL 1.0m X/Ku/Ka CF Reflector (w/Bags) & Band-Configurable Boom, AvL Fully-Auto-Acquire Controller, CF PIB Base with Integral Outriggers (Removable Lid; excludes Reflector Pack-up Case), Hand Crank for Emergency/Manual Stow of Az and El Axes, Colorization: Standard (white, tan, green) or custom.

AvL 1030 PIB Features

  • Expandable Reflector
    • Standard 1.0m Segmented, 6-Panel AvL Rugged
      Carbon Fiber (CF) Assembly;
    • Optional Extender Panels (to 1.2m effective aperture)
  • High Efficiency Optics
    • Offset Prime Focus 0.6 f/D
  • Band Configurable
    • Ku-Band LP 2-port, Ka-Band CP (WGS) 2-port,
      and/or X-Band CP (WGS, XTAR) 2-port
  • Base Configuration
    • AvL CF PIB Case with Integral Outriggers, I/O Panel
  • Positioner Configuration
    • AvL Cable Drive; Elevation-over-Azimuth
  • Adjustable Polarization
    • Ku LP: Motorized Linear (w/manual stow/adjust)
    • Ka CP: Field-Reversible LH/RH (manual QD)
    • X CP: Field-Reversible LH/RH (manual QD)
  • Airline-Checkable Pack-Up
    • 2-Case Solution (2nd case CFE or AvL option)
  • Automatic Acquisition
    • One-button Automatic Deploy/Acquire

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