Comtech MCED-100 and MCDD-100 Embedding and Detecting Devices

Building on Comtech’s leadership in providing equipment to optimize the quality of satellite links, they are introducing the MetaCarrier™ Carrier Identification Embedding and Detecting Devices, the MetaCarrier Embedding Device (MCED-100) and the MetaCarrier Detecting Device (MCDD-100).

The MCED-100 places the MetaCarrier Carrier Identification on the referenced carrier, and the MCDD-100 receives it. These patent-pending products use spread spectrum technology for a complete MetaCarrier embedding and decoding solution.

The MCED-100 embeds a unique carrier identification sequence for a transmission carrier. The MCDD-100 decodes an embedded unique carrier identification sequence for a transmission carrier. In a typical network, there can be as many MCED-100s as there are modulating devices, and a smaller number of MCDD-100s to verify the presence of the MetaCarrier on each carrier. In an interference situation, the MCDD-100 may be used to decode the MetaCarrier of an interfering carrier that may not be part of one’s own transmission network, as long as the interfering carrier has a MetaCarrier embedded.

The MCED-100 and the MCDD-100 can operate in both non-interfered and interfered conditions, and are ideally suited for SCPC, MCPC and video satellite carrier transmissions. By using the MetaCarrier concept, a low-speed data sequence containing information about the transmission carrier is spread using Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS), and then combined with the transmission “desired” carrier to produce a composite carrier with an embedded CID.

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