Paradise Datacom Compact Outdoor GaN SSPAs

The Paradise Datacom Compact Outdoor Solid State
Power Amplifier (SSPA)
is built for extreme environmental conditions and high reliability operation. Along with the robust construction exists the highest power density in the industry.

This allows solid state technology to be used in applications
that have long been reserved for TWTAs.

Starting at 44 lbs. (20 kg), and only slightly larger than a shoe
box, these SSPAs are available in output power levels of:

  • C-Band: 300W, 400W
  • X-Band: 300W, 400W
  • Ku-Band: 150W, 200W, 250W


  • Antenna Mounting Kit
  • Remote Control Panel
  • L-Band Input
  • FSK monitor & control
    via IFL
  • Phase Combined Systems
  • Low line voltage operation
  • Fiber Optic Input
  • Optional side-mount AC
    input for SNG installations
  • Receive Band Reject Filter
    (S-Band only)

1:1 system w/ mounting frame

L-Band Operation

Teledyne Paradise Datacom offers C-, X-, and Ku-Band amplifiers with an integrated L-Band Block Up Converter. The L-Band units utilize Teledyne Paradise Datacom’s proprietary zBUCTM technology. The addition of a zBUC converter to a Compact Outdoor SSPA typically increases the gain by 2-4 dB. The advantages of zBUC technology include:

  • zBUC converters can detect and switch to an extenally supplied reference.
  • Optional internal high stability (10MHz) reference.
  • zBUC converters can lock to an externally supplied reference of 5, 10, 20, 25, or 50 MHz without modification.
  • zBUC converters can accept a wide range of external reference power (-10 to +5 dBm)
  • zBUC converters can accept FSK monitor and control signal via the IFL for complete amplifer remote control.