28 Feb

Terrasat Low Energy Consumption Ku-Band and C-Band IBUC 2’s

Satcom Resources is pleased to announce the addition of Terrasat’s new Ku-Band and C-Band Low Energy Consumption Intelligent Block Upconverters (IBUC 2)

Low Energy Consumption IBUC2 Advantages

Integrated BUC/SSPA for higher performance and reliability.

Low energy consumption (65W) for use with Modems equipped with limited capacity BUC power supplies. DC power supplied via IFL coax.

High linearity.

Low phase noise better than IESS308/309 requirements by a minimum of 5 dB.

Embedded Web pages provide management for small networks using any Web browser.

AGC or ALC circuits hold gain or output level constant. 30 dB User‐adjustable gain in 0.1 dB steps preserves modem dynamic range.
Advanced user interfaces:

  • TCP/IP HTTP with embedded Web pages via RJ‐45 connector
  • SNMP
  • TELNET through TCP/IP
  • FSK through TX IFL cable
  • RS232/485 serial port
  • Hand‐held terminal

IBUC2 offers significant benefits:

  • High performance in a compact, cost effective package
  • Simple design and installation
  • Simplified 1+1 configuration

New interfaces connect you to extensive M&C facilities for network management or local access. This powerful M&C enables:

  • Trouble‐free commissioning with easy, point‐and‐click installation/configuration
  • Continuous verification of performance with time‐stamped alarm history
  • Simplified monitoring of terminal status

IBUC2 comes with a complete set of diagnostic tools including:

  • 10 MHz input detector
  • Input voltage and current monitoring
  • Transmit L‐band input level detector
  • Transmit RF output level detector
  • User configurable thresholds and alarms

Unique to the IBUC are internal AGC and ALC functions that satisfy demanding applications with stringent specifications.

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25 Jan

MotoSAT MESA 1.2 HPX High Speed Motorized Earth Station Antenna

MotoSAT’s high speed MESA 1.2 HPX High Speed Motorized Earth Station Antenna is the most rugged motorized VSAT system ever. It is certainly best of class.

The MESA HPX is raising the bar and taking stationary VSAT communication to the next step and on the move.

Motorized RF Skew Assembly allows automatic alignment of the LNB and HPA-BUC to any position in the horizontal and vertical fields.

Automatic Satellite Acquisition
The MESA HPX is a motorized multi-platform satellite antenna with three axis alignment. Using the MotoSAT H3 Antenna Controller, the MESA HPX will automatically acquire any target KU or C-Band satellite worldwide using advance satellite acquisition methods.

Rugged, Reliable, Functional and Secure
The MESA HPX is a industry leading solution. The MESA HPX enables the user to maintain critical Voice/Data communication in extreme environments delivering security and peace of mind when standard forms of communications are no longer feasible due to location or technical complications. The MESA HPX eliminates costly re-pointing and network downtime.

Flexible, with Ease of Operation
The MESA HPX operates seamlessly with all commercially available satellite modems, allowing access to any broadband application via satellite. The MotoSAT MESA HPX allows personnel with little or no satellite experience to operate VSAT equipment for anytime/anywhere communications.

Permanent or Semi-Portable Applications
The MESA HPX can easily be relocated when mounted on a variety of mobile platforms thereby making your VSAT communication system mobile.

Inclined Orbit Tracking
Inclined Orbit satellites offer a cost effective alternative to traditional GEO station kept satellite bandwidth. With its motorized auto-aligning capabilities for both elevation and azimuth, the MESA HPX can accurately track inclined orbit satellites anywhere in the world.

Most businesses rely upon terrestrial connections for voice and data communications. When these traditional means go down, whether for short durations or long-term outages, your enterprise could be without critical services for hours or even days. MotoSAT’s satellite to LAN failover system provides your enterprise with the assurance that critical services will be uninterrupted when an outage occurs.

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02 Sep

Belcom Microwaves SPARK Miniature Low Power C-Band BUCs

Belcom’s SPARK Series of low power BUCs have been trusted by the world’s largest VSAT companies for over 20 years with a proven reputation for reliability.

Built to be robust and reliable, SPARK BUCs are rugged enough to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. Belcom’s high-level development experience along with large volume manufacturing capabilities, provide clients with unmatched cost savings. SPARK products are covered by a complete two-year warranty and backed by a dedicated service team that ensures a full repair cycle in no more than 21 days.

SPARK Highlights

  • Available in C, Extended C and
    Palapa bands
  • Output power: 1W, 2W, 5W, 8W
  • Covered by a complete two-year
    warranty plan
  • Guaranteed 21-day repair cycle
  • Low power consumption
  • Lightweight: 1.85 Kg

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15 Jul

Norsat C-Band 8000 Series LNA

See the new Norsat C-Band LNA-8000

Norsat C-Band LNA-8000, 3.4 – 4.2 GHz, SMA type connector, Noise Temperature: 30 K @ 23°C, Input Waveguide CPR-229G, Gain 50 dB

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07 Jul

Agilis AUC 38 Series C-Band to L/IF Down Converter

The Agilis AUC 38 C-Band to L/IF-Band Down Converter provides full M&C through front panel or serial remote, User selectable spectrum inversion, is Redundant ready and has a flexible design for various configurations


  • Compact unit, complete in a single 1 RU package
  • Full monitoring and Control through LCD and
    keypad front panel or serial remote.
  • User selectable spectrum inversion
  • Redundant Ready
  • Available for wide satellite bands
  • Flexible design for various user’s configurations
  • RS232, RS485 and SNMP interface for remote M&C

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23 Jun

Paradise Datacom 7RU Rack Mountable Solid State Power Amplifier

Paradise Datacom 7RU Rack Mountable SSPAs represent the industry’s highest power density and most reliable high power amplifier systems.

Paradise Datacom’s Indoor, High Power Rack Mount (R) series SSPAs represent the industry’s highest power density and most reliable high power amplifier systems.

The High Power Rack Mount SSPA employs a modular design, which allows quick and easy replacement in the event of a catastrophic failure of one of the SSPA components. These modular assemblies include: hot-swap SSPA modules, front and rear fan trays; and a rear panel controller card. These amplifiers are powered via a separate power supply chassis.

The power supply is configured as a n+1 redundant, hot swappable, power supply comprised of three modules. Only two modules are required to operate the HPA, therefore one module is redundant. In the event of a power supply module failure, the amplifier system will not fail. The module can then be changed without ever taking the HPA out of service.

Power Supply Options

The 7RU Chassis may be fitted with a variety of power supply options. The dual 1RU power supply configuration provides redundancy with all power levels; or may be used as a non -redundant supply by utilizing fewer power supply modules. The stand-alone 1RU power supply can be used to power the 750W C-Band or 400W Ku-Band chassis. The standard 3RU, three-module power supply offers redundancy for all power levels.

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18 Aug

Agilis AAV 980 5W C-Band VSAT Outdoor Transceiver

Agilis AAV 980 5 Watt C-Band Transceiver. Tx Frequency 5.850 to 6.425 GHz, Rx Frequency 3.625 – 4.200 GHz, Input Interface Type N female, Output Interface Type N female.

Agilis AAV 980 Series C-Band OHT (One Housing Transceiver) is a low cost RF ODU (Outdoor Unit) transceiver for satellite communication. It is designed for voice and data application operating in different modulation formats including BPSK, QPSK, QAM and FM.

Agilis AAV 980 OHT is a very compact ODU that comprises of Power Supply, Up Converter, SSPA (Solid State Power Amplifier), Down Converter and low phase noise synthesizers. It has a built-in M&C for remote and local monitoring and control. In addition, Agilis has a wide range of SSPA booster options for higher power applications.

It is suitable for SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) or MCPC (Multi-Channel Per Carrier), DAMA (Demand Assigned Multiple Access) and TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) applications.
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17 Aug

Agilis ALB 180-K 5 Watt C-Band Block Upconverter

Agilis 5W C-Band BUC. IF: 950 – 1525 MHz, TX: 5.850 – 6.425 GHz, LO Frequency: 4.9 GHz, M&C: RS-485, 48 VDC input power, Power Consumption: 50 watts, Input Connector: Type F female (ALB-180A2C5-FK)

Agilis ALB 180-K Series C-Band BUC (Block-Up converter) is a highly cost effective outdoor RF transmitter for satellite communication. Easy to install, it is redundancy-ready and field-proven for any harsh operating environment. The BUC is suitable for both data and voice communication operating in different modulation formats including BPSK, QPSK, QAM and FM.

Agilis C-Band BUC is designed for the SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) network configurations and for the low or intermediate data rate for MCPC (Multi-Channel Per Carrier), DAMA (Demand Assigned Multiple Access) or TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) applications.

Agilis C-Band BUC offers a wide range of distinctive advantages and enhanced features for satellite communications systems based in remote or challenging geographical regions. The equipment employs an L-Band interface to the indoor unit. Agilis ALB 180-K Series C-Band BUC is a low cost solution suitable for broadband application (such as DVB-RCS) in satellite IP networks.
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10 May

AvL 1610C 1.6M Vehicle Mount SNG Antenna

The AvL 1610C Carbon Fiber SNG Antenna features the 2-Axis AvL Cable Drive Positioner and a highly reinforced single piece carbon fiber reflector.

The AvL 1610C Carbon Fiber SNG Antenna includes:

  • 2 axis AvL Cable Drive positioner 400° Az & 0-90&° El
  • 1.6m AvL carbon fiber composite single-piece, highly-reinforced reflector
  • 2-Port C Band linear feed
  • Limited function 3-Axis Jog Controller with auto-stow
  • 25ft (8m) RG59 coax and Controller interconnect cables

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30 Apr

AvL 1660/2020 SNG Quad-Band Pack-in-the-Box Flyaway Antenna

The AvL 1660/2020 PIB is a 1.6m segmented carbon fiber Quad-Band
Motorized FlyAway Antenna System.
  • Reflector: 1.6 Meter, 4 piece Carbon Fiber
  • Optics: Offset, Prime Focus, 0.8 f/D
  • Interchangeable Feeds: C-LP, C-CP, X-CP, Ku-LP, Ka-CP, Ka-LP
  • Positioner Type: Case-based Pack-in-the-Box
  • Drive System: Patented AvL Cable Drive Positioner
  • Mount Geometry: Elevation over Azimuth
  • Polarization: Rotation of Feed

1660 PIB SNG Features:

  • Light Weight FlyAway Antenna Packs in 3 Cases
  • Vehicle Mount Allows Use on Smaller Vehicles
  • Controller Options range from Jog Control to Fully-Automatic Satellite Acquisition
  • HPA mounting options
  • Back-of-Reflector Vehicle Mount for Redundant Configurations & Feed-Mounted HPA
  • Segmented or Solid Carbon-Fiber Reflector
  • High EIRP – High-Performance and Light-weight
  • Fully-Compliant for FCC, Intelsat, Panamsat, Eutelsat, Asiasat
  • Upgradeable to X Band Ka Band and C Band
  • Reliable Zero-Backlash AvL Cable Drive Cable Drive
  • Durability in Extreme and Harsh Conditions
  • Unrivaled Az Range of 400°, Elevation 0-90°, Pol ±95°

AvL 1660/2020 Features


AvL one button satellite acquisition antenna control systems provide fully automatic, modem independent, acquisition and tracking capabilities for rapid deployment. Satellites are typically acquired in less than five minutes.

Thanks to AvL’s exclusive auto-acquisition technology, our products can be reliably operated by non-technical operators without any requirement for external test equipment or laptop.

Not Required for Operation

  • Telephone Coordination
  • Specialized Training or a Satellite Technician
  • Laptop, PC, or Test equipment

Safety Features

  • Single button push stow
  • Automatic stow when triggered by tilt or vehicle motion

SNG Features

  • Lightweight
  • High stiffness zero backlash positioner for best high wind performance
  • Fast reliable one button push auto-acquisition
  • Unparalleled reliability
  • Manual operation with hand cranks on each axis
  • Worldwide customer support 24/7
  • Pallet rail design
  • Rotary Joints

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