24 May

AvL Technologies Model 1060 Manual Fly Away 1.0M Ku-Band Antenna

The AvL Technologies Model 1060FA Manual Flyaway Antenna 1.0m 3 piece Carbon Fiber reflector, Offset Prime Focus 0.8 f/D Optics, Ultra Lightweight Manual Positioner.

The AvL Model 1060FA comes with Integral Base and Extending Stabilizer Legs, Drive System: Unique Azimuth Mechanism and Elevation ACME Screw Manual Actuators Allow Full Range of Motion for Both Coarse and Fine Adjustment, Elevation over Azimuth Mount, Polarization: Manual Rotation of Ku-Band Feed.

1060FA Options

  • BUC/LNB mounting
  • 6-Piece Reflector Upgrade
  • Waveguide interconnect options
  • Beacon receiver
  • Wind Anchoring Kit – ground stakes, sand bags
  • Computer Assisted Pointing (CAP) Upgrade
  • IM 3075 Case Kit (2 Cases, for 6-Piece Reflector Option)

AvL’s Manual FlyAway Antennas are lightweight, compact, portable, and robust with carbon fiber reflectors and tubes. AvL’s Az/El positioners feature easy pointing as well as fine-tuning, and are easy and quick to assemble. As with all AvL antenna systems, the Manual FlyAway Antennas interface with any modem, RF electronics, or satellite service, and achieve pointing accuracy and pointing stability even in the most extreme conditions.

AvL FlyAway Antenna Systems offer the following features and benefits:

  • Single- or multi-band options for worldwide operation
  • Prime focus offset optics with global mode-matched feed
  • Robust carbon fiber reflectors and tubes
  • Feed rotation for polarization
  • Lightweight, compact and portable configurations
  • Manual actuators enable full range of motion
  • Quick set-up – operational in minutes
  • Interface with all types of RF electronics and services
  • Stabilizing legs and weight-bearing ballast cases for increased wind resistance
  • Numerous packaging options including backpacks and rugged cases

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08 Jun

AvL Model 1578K-11 Mobile VSAT Motorized Vehicular Mount Antenna

The AvL Model 1578K-11 Mobile VSAT Motorized Vehicular Mount Antenna includes: AvL 1.2m x 1.6m Elliptical Composite Reflector (Single-Piece), 2-port Ku-band Feed (Cross-Pol: >30 dB On-Axis Isolation), Feed Tx Pol-Axis Rotary Joint w/Flex (for Feed-to-BUC w/g; in lieu of simple twist-flex), AvL El-over-Az Cable-Drive Antenna Positioner: 400° Az & 0-90° El, AvL Pol Drive: +/-90° with Manual Stow Thumbwheel Mechanism, One-button Fully-Automatic Auto-Acquisition Controller

Hand Crank: for Emergency/Manual Stow of Az and El Axes, Colorization: Standard AvL metallic gray (NOTE: custom colors available), Warranty: standard 2-year mechanical; 1-year electrical per current AvL Warranty terms.

Auto-Acquisition Controller (Standard)

One button auto-acquisition of selected satellites, including peaking and optimization of cross pol. Internal movement detector and automatic stow. Includes a hand-held control and separate power supply. Certified for auto-commissioning on most satellite services.

1578K Options

  • BUC/HPA mounting
  • Cowling
  • Thule roof bar mounting kit
  • Flexible waveguide
  • Controller
    • World wide Software Upgrade
    • 1RU power supply
    • Additional cable lengths

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06 Jun

AvL Technologies 1030-T Tripod Band-Configurable 1.0m Motorized Flyaway SNG Antenna

The AvL Model 1030-T Tripod Band-Configurable 1.0m Motorized Flyaway SNG Antenna includes: AvL Model 1030 2-axis Cable Drive Positioner (±90° Az & 7-100° El (0-100° El betw. legs)), AvL 1.0m X/Ku/Ka CF Reflector (w/Storage Bags) & Band-Configurable Boom, AvL Fully-Auto-Acquire Controller, AvL Tripod Base, Hand Crank (for Emergency/Manual Stow of Az and El Axes), Colorization: Standard (white, tan, green) or custom.

AvL 1030-T Features

  • Expandable Reflector
    • 1.0m Segmented, 6-Panel AvL Rugged
      Carbon Fiber (CF) Assembly with Optional
      (1.2m) Extender Panels
  • High Efficiency Optics
    • Offset Prime Focus
  • Interchangeable Feeds
    • Ku-Band LP 2-port standard; optional Ka-
      Band CP 2-port, X-Band CP 2-port
  • Multiple Base Options
    • 1030: Customer-provided base
    • 1030-T: AvL Rugged Tripod base
  • Positioner Configuration
    • AvL Cable Drive; Elevation-over-Azimuth
  • Adjustable Polarization
    • Ku LP: Motorized/Manual
    • Ka CP: Manual, Field-Reversible LH/RH
    • X CP: Manual, Field-Reversible LH/RH
  • Airline-Checkable Pack-Up
    • 2-Case Solution
  • Automatic Acquisition
    • One-button Automatic Deploy/Acquire

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