Agilis AAV 628 4W Ku-Band Integrated Outdoor Transceiver

Agilis AAV 628 4W Ku-Band Transceiver. Tx Freq: 14.0 – 14.5 GHz, Rx Freq: 11.70 – 12.20 GHz, Output interface WR75/G, Input Type N female.

Agilis AAV 628 Series Ku-Band SPT (Ku-Band Single Package Transceiver) is a highly cost effective RF ODU (Outdoor Unit)Transceiver for satellite communication. It is designed for voice, data and broadband VSAT communication used in different modulation formats including BPSK, QPSK, QAM and FM.

Agilis AAV 628 SPT is ahighly integrated ODU that comprises of Up Converter, SSPA (Solid State Power Amplifier), Down Converter, low phase noise synthesizer, power supply and built-in M&C. With independent frequency synthesizer, it enables end-users for transmission through different uplink and downlink transponders. In addition, Agilis has a wide range of SSPA booster options for higher power applications.

Agilis AAV 628 SPT is suitable for SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier), MCPC (Multi-Channel Per Carrier), DAMA (Demand Assigned Multiple Access) and TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) applications.

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