12 Aug

8W Ku-Band BUC – ALB 128 from ST Electronics – Agilis

Agilis ALB 128 8W BUC. Output Frequency: Ku-Band 14.0 – 14.50 GHz, LO Frequency: 13.05 GHz, Input Interface: Type F female, Output Interface: WR 75G

The Agilis ALB 128 8W BUC (Ku-Band) is a highly cost effective RF outdoor transmitter for satellite communication. It is suitable for both data and voice communication operating in different modulation formats including BPSK, QPSK, 8-PSK / 8-QAM / 16-QAM, 16-APSK and 32-APSK.

Agilis 8W Ku-Band BUC is also suitable for SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) network configurations and can be used in low or intermediate data rate for MCPC (Multi-Channel Per Carrier), Dama (Demand Assigned Multiple Access) or TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) applications.

Agilis 8W BUC is a compact design that comprises of Up Converter, Solid State Power Amplifier, Phase Locked Oscillator and DC-DC power converter. It employs L-Band IF interface to the indoor unit. Agilis ALB 128 8W Ku-Band BUC is a low cost design suitable for broadband applications (such as DVB-RCS) in satellite IP networks.

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24 Mar

New Japan Radio NJT5218 8W Universal Ku-Band BUC

The NJRC NJT5218 Universal Ku-Band BUC is now available for purchase.

NJT5218 Features

  • NJRC NJT5218 8W Universal Ku-Band Block Upconverter
    • Frequency: 13.75 to 14.50 GHz
  • High Efficiency & Low Distortion
    • P1dB: +39 dBm min. over temperature
    • IM3: -28 dBc @ Pout =+36 dBm
    • Power Consumption: 79 W
  • Wide Operating Range of DC Power Operation
    • Voltage Range: +18 to +60 VDC
  • Compact Size & Light Weight
    • weight: 3.2 kg
  • LED Indicator
  • RoHS Compliance

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