Paradise Datacom IBC Series IF to L-Band Up/Down Converter

Paradise Datacom’s IF to L-Band Up/Down Converter (IBC) is a self-contained (1RU) indoor chassis which can be configured as a single thread system or as a 1:1 Redundant System.

The frequency agile Upconverter translates an IF (70 MHz) frequency input signal to an L-Band frequency between 950 and 2050 MHz.

The frequency agile Downconverter translates a L-Band input signal between 950 and 2050 MHz to an IF frequency of 70 MHz.

The IBC is designed specifically as the perfect frequency interface that would transition a 70MHz base-band modem output to an L-Band frequency for a block converter. The IBC has two hot-swappable modules which can be removed without interrupting the chassis power. The IBC can also be configured with one up and one down converter module, two up converter modules or two down converter modules. The redundancy option can be utilized when configured with like converter modules.

System control is available through the front panel and via rear panel parallel I/O remote or serial I/O remote connectors.

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