Dual PSU and BISS available for Ericsson MX8400 Transport Stream Multiplexer

Announcing two major functionalities on the Ericsson MX8400 – Dual Hot Swap Power Supplies and BISS encryption.

Dual Hot Swap PSU
The MX8400 has been available with a single fixed PSU. Ericsson is introducing a new MX8400 chassis that supports a dual hot swap power supply.

Two versions of the MX8400 chassis are available. Care should be taken to ensure that the right part number is it will not be possible to upgrade from one chassis type to another:

  • MX8400/BAS – Original chassis with a fixed single PSU
  • MX8400/BAS/DPS – New chassis that supports dual hot swap PSU; comes with one PSU fitted.

An optional second power supply (MX8400/HWO/DPS) is required to turn the MX8400/BAS/DPS chassis into a hot swap PSU unit.

Whether the original chassis or the one with dual power supply is used, the multiplexing functionality as well as the number of option slots available between the two chassis are identical.

MX8400 has supported DVB CSA since its release in July 2007 and is integrated with a number of difference DVB CSA vendors.

Ericsson’s MX8400 now supports BISS encryption as well as DVB CSA. It is possible to have both these enabled on the MX8400 simultaneously. Furthermore it is possible to scramble services within a single transport stream with either BISS or DVB CSA. However it is not possible to scramble a service within a transport stream with both DVB CSA and BISS.

BISS can be enabled on the MX8400 by application of the appropriate licenses.

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