CPI/CODAN Ku-Band GaN 40W Mini-BUC

The CPI/Codan Ku-Band GaN 40W Mini-BUC brings Gallium Nitride (GaN) HEMT technology to Codan’s Mini-BUC line.

CPI/Codan’s extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Satellite Communication RF subsystems has resulted in high quality performance and a strong reliability record. Thousands of systems have been deployed by hundreds of satisfied customers in every corner of the globe.

Purpose designed and built for VSAT stabilised platforms and satcom-on-the-move customers, the latest Mini-BUC product offers outstanding performance few can match.

New Technology

CPI/Codan is pleased to bring state-of-the-art Gallium Nitride (GaN) HEMT technology to our Mini-BUC platform. This new technology has enabled us to produce a BUC which puts out significantly higher power, is smaller and lighter, and is more efficient than older technology products.

The highlights of the new product include:
Better power efficiency

  • ƒƒ 250 W typical AC power (16% efficiency)
  • Better power to size/weight ratio

    • ƒƒ Packaged in a 4 kg LAN Mini-BUC

    Trusted CPI/Codan Features and Performance

    Though we have embraced new technology to advance our BUC designs, CPI/Codan continues to offer the same trusted performance and features typically demanded by our customers. Our products are fully capable of deployment in extremely harsh environments featuring wide temperature variations and tough climatic conditions.

    A range of accessories is available that includes 10 MHz reference sources and a full range of redundancy switching solutions for high value sites carrying critical data traffic and requiring 100% on-air availability.

    3 year warranty

    CPI/Codan RF Products continue to be supplied with a market-leading 3 year warranty and dedicated support organization.


    • Robust thermal design
      specifically for:

      • ƒƒ Maximum heat dissipation
      • High temperature tolerance
    • ƒƒ Small & lightweight
      • ƒƒ Direct feed mount
      • For ease of handling and one
        person installation
    • ƒƒ Comprehensive Monitor & Control functionality
      • ƒƒ Accessible anytime, anywhere via Internet or your mobile phone
      • Integrate with SNMP to your NMS
      • Enables effective operational management and minimises network outage
    • ƒƒ Operating status visual display monitor for easy field analysis
    • ƒƒ Guaranteed specifications and superior phase noise and gain characteristics
      • ƒƒ Excellent TDMA and multi-carrier performance
      • ƒƒ Specifications you can trust
    • ƒƒ Internal self-resetting protection:
      • ƒƒ Against high temperatures
      • Open/short/overdrive
        RF output conditions
      • INT/EXT Reference
        10 MHz conditions
      • Supply fluctuations, brownouts and blackouts

    …for more 30-80W Ku-Band Block Upconverters

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