24 May

Paradise Datacom LinkGuard allows automated 24/7 modem interference detection

Teledyne Paradise Datacom is proud to announce LinkGuard™, its patent-pending technology for detecting in-band interference underneath satellite carriers.

LinkGuardTM, which is now available on all Paradise satellite modems, allows the rapid diagnosis of ‘signal under carrier’ type of interference while remaining on traffic. A visual indication of any unwanted interference is provided through a signal-under-carrier spectrum web graph (showing the wanted carrier along with any unwanted interference). The graph includes a ‘persistence’ mode to show even intermittent interference.

However, LinkGuard™ takes detection one stage further by providing a user-set power spectral density threshold, above which the modem will automatically alarm to indicate that a significant source of interference has been detected. Interference status information is therefore provided via this alarm, which is available locally on the modem as well as remotely via a web server, SNMP traps and physical contact relays. This feature therefore provides automated 24×7 interference detection without the need for an operator to be present.

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06 Apr

Ericsson Voyager II Multiformat HD MPEG-4 DSNG Encoder


Ericsson Televisions Fifth Generation DSNG Encoder

Voyager II is Ericsson’s fifth generation DSNG Encoder. It is the most flexible and scalable news gathering product on the market, reflecting Ericsson’s technology leadership and unique heritage in a market segment we created 15 years ago with the launch of the world’s first DSNG encoder.

DSNG is one of the most demanding segments in the broadcast world, with requirements for solutions to be fully integrated, deliver maximum performance and be fully adaptable while giving the highest levels of equipment interoperability. Voyager II excels in all these areas, delivering the best return on investment to operators and service providers through the widest range of software upgrade paths and expansion options.

Based on our in-house technology, Voyager II is built upon a new and revolutionary modular chassis design in a spacesaving 1RU form factor with up to six hot swappable option slots. It supports a comprehensive range of processing options, including the highly flexible, multi-standard, multi-format “x-series” range of encoders, making it the first DSNG to unleash the power of MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:2 encoding with 10-bit precision at up to 1080p50/60 resolutions. An integrated satellite modulator offers high order DVB-S and DVB-S2 modulation on both IF and L-Band outputs.

Voyager II features a fully functional front panel that provides users maximum control of this incredibly flexible unit. Based on industry feedback it introduces a bottom-up re-engineered hardware and menu structure, allowing fast access to the most common SNG operations, easy monitoring of incoming audio and video signals and a level of operator’s customization, while maintaining the all-important familiarity with today’s most popular SNG units.

Voyager II represents the most advanced DSNG unit on the market, offering broadcasters, operators and service providers the level of integration, flexibility and scalability necessary to future-proof any operational investment during today’s technology migration.


19 Jan

Xicom XTD-750K 750W Antenna Mount Ku-Band TWTA

The Xicom XTD-750K is a compact, self-contained, antenna mountable power amplifier designed for low cost installation and long life.

The XTD-750 design eliminates the need for an amplifier shelter as well as a long waveguide run between the amplifier and antenna feed horn. RF filters, cooling, and monitoring & control (M&C) systems are all self-contained within the High Power Amplifier (HPA). These features provide high reliability, low maintenance costs, and low replacement costs.

The XTD-750 uses high efficiency, dualstage collector Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT). Some benefits of this type of tube are:

  • Reduced prime power consumption
  • Lower internal operating temperatures
  • Reliability enhancement

These benefits are obtained for both the linear and saturated modes of operation.

The XTD-750 incorporates power factor correction circuitry, which minimizes line current distortion and reduces the required Volt-Amps. The combination of power factor correction and high efficiency TWTs reduces input Volt-Amps by 45% when compared to equivalent amplifiers. A high frequency resonant conversion power supply is used that accepts a wide range of prime power (180 to 260 VAC). the automatic features of the power supply include quick recovery from prime power outages and multiple helix arc fault resets (three fault cycles).

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14 Oct

Terrasat IBUC C-Band, Ku-Band, and X-Band Block Upconverters Now Available with 100-240 VAC Power Input

Terrasat Ku-Band C-Band X-Band BUC Block Up Converter

Terrasat is now offering their popular IBUC Intelligent Block Upconverter with an AC Input Power Option. Terrasat offers their popular IBUC in Ku-Band in power output levels from 4 – 80 watts, and C and X-Band in power output levels from 5 – 200 watts in single thread and redundant configurations complete with associated power supplies, interface units, and their innovative 1:1 protection systems. Their first-of-its-kind IP M&C interface is included as standard along with RS485/232, FSK and Hand Held Terminal interfaces.

The AC Input Power option makes integrating this unit with any IDU as easy as possible. We have recently retooled our configurator to include this option and in our Terrasat UberConfigurator, you can build your Terrasat BUC system with ease in either single thread or redundant configurations, in any of the frequencies, in any of the power levels, with external, internal, or AC Power supplies. We have made it simple for you so you do not have to worry about getting the right Transmit Switch, or the correct power supply, or the appropriate mounting hardware. Our engineers have designed the logic to make those decisions for you.

Take a look at the configurator in any of the following locations:
Terrasat C-Band IBUC Intelligent Block Upconverters 5 – 80 Watts (C-Band BUC)

Terrasat High Power 100 – 200 Watt C-Band Block Upconverter (C-Band BUC)

Terrasat 5 – 200 Watt X-Band Block Upconverters (X-Band BUC)

Terrasat Ku-Band 4 – 80 Watt Block Upconverters (Ku-Band BUC)

Terrasat Low Ku-Band 4 – 80 Watt Block Upconverter (Ku-Band BUC)

To learn more about our configurator and how to use it, try reading the page on our site about the configurator located here :

About the Satcom Resources Satellite Equipment Configurator

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we would be happy to give anyone a personal one-on-one demonstration.

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13 Oct

NJRC NJS8486E External Reference PLL LNB for Extended (Palapa) C-Band

Input Frequency: 3.4-4.2 GHz. LO Stability: Depends on External Reference. LO Frequency: 5.15 GHz. Noise Figure: 0.22 dB. Output Connector: Type F Female. Conversion Gain: 59 dB

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24 Sep

Paradise QUANTUM Series PD20 IF and PD20L L-Band DVB-S2 Satellite Modems

The QUANTUM Series PD20 IFand PD20L L-band DVB-S2 IF Modems bring the bandwidth savings and robust benefits of DVB-S2 to traditional SCPC services such as IBS and Drop & Insert.

Paired Carrier technology overlays transmit and receive carriers reducing satellite bandwidth by up to 50%. Paired CarrierTM technology is patented by Viasat Inc. QUANTUM modems are fully backward compatible with Paradise Evolution modems when DVB-S2 and Paired Carrier are disabled.
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04 Sep

Codan LBUC Block Upconverters on Satcom Resources

Codan’s popular LBUC series Block Upconverters are purpose-built for satcom-on-the-move applications, while also offering benefits for fixed site and offshore applications.

Satcom Resources has added Codan’s complete line of LBUCs to our extensive offering of C-Band, Ku-Band and X-Band Block Upconverters

Codan’s L-Band IF input 6700 series C-Band and 6900 series Ku-Band Block Up Converters (BUCs) offer a wide range of distinctive advantages and enhanced features for satellite communications systems. Available in a variety of models, the 6700 and 6900 series BUCs provide industry-leading technical performance.

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18 Aug

IDC Acquires Tiernan Broadcast

International Datacasting Corporation Acquires Comtech Tiernan Broadcast Radio and Video Product Lines. Move positions IDC to accelerate growth and expand broadcast media products while extending global geographic reach

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10 Aug

Vertex RSI Model 21.0m Cassegrain Antenna

The Vertex RSI 21.0-meter Antenna delivers exceptional performance for transmit/receive and receive only applications in L through X-band frequencies.

This antenna offers a reflector design that incorporates precision-formed panels, truss radials and hub assembly. It features an innovative Cassegrain feed and subreflector design which results in high gain, low noise temperature, high antenna efficiency and excellent rejection of noise and microwave interference. A large center hub provides spacious accommodation for equipment mounting. The reflector is supported by a galvanized elevation over azimuth kingpost pedestal that provides the required stiffness for pointing and tracking accuracy. The pedestals are designed for full orbital arc coverage and are readily adaptable to ground or rooftop installations. The electrical performance is compliant with FCC and ITU-RS-580 sidelobe specifications and Intelsat (A) and Eutelsat requirements.

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05 Aug

TANDBERG Television Last Time Buy for TT1260 with 4:2:0 only option

The Tandberg TT1260 4:2:0 only option (TT1260/SWO/420) is being put on to Last Time Buy. The TT1260 for 4:2:2/4:2:0 applications remains freely available.

Functionality provided by the TT1260 in 4:2:0 only configuration is now available in the Tandberg RX8330 and Tandberg RX8200 receivers for a lower price than available via the TT1260 route.

Those customers who specifically require units for functionality not currently available in the RX8330 or RX8200 should make their last time purchases now, or purchase 4:2:2 capable units in the future for their applications. Purchase orders for TT1260/SWO/420 will be accepted up to 1st September 2009.

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