27 May

Terrasat Ku-Band IBUC2 now with Product Configurator

We’ve added a product configurator to the popular Terrasat Ku-Band IBUC2.

Terrasat Ku-Band IBUC 2 Intelligent Block Upconverter

The Terrasat Ku-Band IBUC2 is available with :

  • Power outputs from 4 – 40W
  • Frequency Output Options in Standard Ku-Band(14.0 – 14.5 GHz), Extended Ku-Band (13.75 – 14.5 GHz), and Low Ku-Band (12.25 – 13.5 GHz).
  • Single Thread and Redundant Configuration
  • Optional Rx Redundancy

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25 May

NJRC NJT8318UNMR 8W Universal Ku-Band BUC

  • Output Frequency: 13.75 – 14.5 GHz
  • L.O. Frequency: 12.80 GHz
  • Input Connector: N-Type Female
  • Operation Guarantee Temperature Range:
    -40 to +75 degree C
  • RF Frequency Line-up
  • P1dB: +39 dBm min. over temperature
  • Power Consumption: 90 W max.
  • IM3: -28 dBc @ Pout <= +36 dBm
  • RS-232C M&C Option
  • Smallest Size & Lightest Weight
  • Dimension: 180 (L) x 130 (W) x 80 (H) mm
  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • NJRC NJT8318UNMR 8W Universal Ku-Band BUC

    The NJRC NJT8318UNMR 8W Universal Ku-Band BUC leads the field in form factor, price and performance.

    NJRc 8W Ku-Band BUC

    25 May

    Es/No to Eb/No Converter

    We’ve recently added an Es/No to Eb/No converter to our site.

    While calculating the energy per bit was the old accepted standard, now with Adaptive Coding and Modulation, more and more people are using the energy per symbol.

    You can try this tool here.

    20 Dec

    Mobile Satellite TV Antennas for DISH and DIRECTV

    Satcom Resources is pleased to offer our clients Mobile Satellite TV Antennas for DISH and DIRECTV, from Winegard, a global innovator of Satellite TV Antennas for RVs, Campers and other mobile applications.

    Carryout GM-1599 Realtree® Camouflage Portable Automatic Satellite Antenna

    With the Carryout GM-1599 Automatic Satellite TV Antenna with Realtree AP™ Camouflage you see the television, not the antenna. This light, portable satellite dish eliminates dish aiming with easy automatic setup. The Carryout will support more than one receiver, so you can watch different programs on different televisions!

    Carryout Features

    • Standard & HD DISH
    • Standard DIRECTV
    • Bell Standard & HD
    • Also compatible with Eastern Arc satellites
    • One button operation
    • Supports up to two receivers

    Trav’ler DISH SK-1000 Multi-Satellite TV Antenna

    With the Trav’ler DISH 1000 you can view all satellites at the same time! Watch all your favorite DISH and Bell TV programming in high definition, on any TV in the RV. The reflectors are certified and approved to provide the strongest signal strength under adverse weather conditions.

    Trav’ler DISH 1000 Features

    • DISH Standard and High Definition
    • Bell Standard and High Defiinition
    • Designed for easy installation
    • Strongest signal strength
    • Simultaneous multi-pointing
    • Up to 3 receivers supported (expandable)
    • Stows to less than 10″ travel height when not in use

    SK-SWM3 DIRECTV Slimline Mobile Automatic Antenna

    Get HD that domes can’t! The SK-SWM3 DIRECTV Slimline is the only mobile automatic antenna to offer maximum DIRECTV HD programming.

    Never miss your favorite shows again with the power of multi-satellite viewing. Watch any program on any TV in the RV. Made with approved and certified reflectors to provide the strongest signal strength.

    The Full DIRECTV HD Experience

    Winegard is proud to be the first to provide RVers with the only solution for maximum DIRECTV HD programming.

    • Supports all new DIRECTV HD receivers.
    • Provides simultaneous reception from 99°, 101° and 103° for complete SD and HD programming.
    • Record and watch in any room with one DIRECTV HD DVR.

    Multi-Satellite Viewing

    View all satellites at the same time for maximum programming. Never miss your favorite show again! Watch any program, on any TV in the RV, at the same time!

    • Family friendly – watch different programs on a variety of TVs at the same time.
    • Great to use with DVRs – watch and record from different satellites simultaneously.


    The Winegard Pathway X2 is 100% automatic, and self installs faster than other antennas. The X2 runs through the ViP series receiver menu using the new DISH mobile protocol. Just set your state and the X2 does the rest!

    Pathway X2 accesses all DISH satellites everywhere in the United States. Uses both the Western Arc (110°, 119° and 129°) orbital locations and the Eastern Arc (61.5°, 72.7° and 77°) single orbitals.

    The Pathway X2 is powered through the coaxial cable from the satellite receiver. Just one wire, no power cable needed!

    Pathway X2 Features

    • Compatible with DISH programming
      and DISH Solo HD receivers
    • Supports up to two receivers
    • For stationary use only
    • Includes 25 ft coaxial cable
    • UV-protected plastic reflector cover
    • Gray plastic base
    • Made in USA

    13 Dec

    ATEME Kyrion DR8400 SD/HD MPEG-2/MPEG-4 Decoder

    The Kyrion™ DR8400 is a Universal Integrated Receiver/ Decoder supporting all MPEG profiles including MPEG-4 4:2:2 10-bit and latest HEVC.

    The DR8400 is designed for contribution markets where premium quality and performance are more important than ever.

    The DR8400 gives by default 3 different input types: built-in DVB-S/S2 demodulator, IP Gigabit and ASI with a TS bit rate of up to 200Mbps. Combined with a decoding bit rate reaching 110Mbps with no compromise in CABAC, the DR8400 is addressing a large spectrum of contribution applications or primary distribution.

    By offering the first H.264 4:2:2 10-bit solution, ATEME takes another technology step improving Video Quality over 8-bit. The DR8400 in combination with CM4101 secures your Video Quality end to end, completing the Video Quality chain from Primary Contribution point to Distribution point offering the highest restitution fidelity.

    …for more Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs)

    28 Aug

    CPI/CODAN Ku-Band GaN 40W Mini-BUC

    The CPI/Codan Ku-Band GaN 40W Mini-BUC brings Gallium Nitride (GaN) HEMT technology to Codan’s Mini-BUC line.

    CPI/Codan’s extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Satellite Communication RF subsystems has resulted in high quality performance and a strong reliability record. Thousands of systems have been deployed by hundreds of satisfied customers in every corner of the globe.

    Purpose designed and built for VSAT stabilised platforms and satcom-on-the-move customers, the latest Mini-BUC product offers outstanding performance few can match.

    New Technology

    CPI/Codan is pleased to bring state-of-the-art Gallium Nitride (GaN) HEMT technology to our Mini-BUC platform. This new technology has enabled us to produce a BUC which puts out significantly higher power, is smaller and lighter, and is more efficient than older technology products.

    The highlights of the new product include:
    Better power efficiency

    • ƒƒ 250 W typical AC power (16% efficiency)
    • Better power to size/weight ratio

      • ƒƒ Packaged in a 4 kg LAN Mini-BUC

      Trusted CPI/Codan Features and Performance

      Though we have embraced new technology to advance our BUC designs, CPI/Codan continues to offer the same trusted performance and features typically demanded by our customers. Our products are fully capable of deployment in extremely harsh environments featuring wide temperature variations and tough climatic conditions.

      A range of accessories is available that includes 10 MHz reference sources and a full range of redundancy switching solutions for high value sites carrying critical data traffic and requiring 100% on-air availability.

      3 year warranty

      CPI/Codan RF Products continue to be supplied with a market-leading 3 year warranty and dedicated support organization.


      • Robust thermal design
        specifically for:

        • ƒƒ Maximum heat dissipation
        • High temperature tolerance
      • ƒƒ Small & lightweight
        • ƒƒ Direct feed mount
        • For ease of handling and one
          person installation
      • ƒƒ Comprehensive Monitor & Control functionality
        • ƒƒ Accessible anytime, anywhere via Internet or your mobile phone
        • Integrate with SNMP to your NMS
        • Enables effective operational management and minimises network outage
      • ƒƒ Operating status visual display monitor for easy field analysis
      • ƒƒ Guaranteed specifications and superior phase noise and gain characteristics
        • ƒƒ Excellent TDMA and multi-carrier performance
        • ƒƒ Specifications you can trust
      • ƒƒ Internal self-resetting protection:
        • ƒƒ Against high temperatures
        • Open/short/overdrive
          RF output conditions
        • INT/EXT Reference
          10 MHz conditions
        • Supply fluctuations, brownouts and blackouts

      …for more 30-80W Ku-Band Block Upconverters

    23 Jul

    Norsat ELEMENT Series 6W Std. Ku-Band BUC

    The Norsat ELEMENT Series 6W Std. Ku-Band BUC features 14.0 – 14.5 GHz Output Frequency, Output Power (P1dB): 37.8 dBm min., Linear Gain: 60 dB, L.O. Frequency: 13.05 GHz, Input Connector: Type F female, Output Connector: WR-75 Waveguide Flange.

    Norsat Satellite Communication solutions are renowned for their high quality, reliability, and innovation. The Ku ELEMENT series offers small size and weight with a variety of frequency options that make it ideal for VSAT applications.

    Stock units are available in standard and extended Ku-Band frequencies. Special order units are available in a wide variety of additional frequencies from 10.38 – 10.55 GHz up to 17.7 – 18.1 GHz.

    Element Series Features

    • Small Size
      • 2W to 4W share same mini-BUC form factor
      • ELEMENT 6W is only 1.8 kg!
    • Great Price/Performance
      • Affordably priced for fixed VSAT applications
      • Good gain and output power
    • Available in 18 Ku-Band Frequencies
      • Standard and extended bands in stock
      • 16 additional frequencies by special order

    Stock Units

    • Standard Ku : 14.0 – 14.5 GHz
    • Extended Ku : 13.75 – 14.50 GHz

    Special Order

    • 10.38-10.55 GHz
    • 10.70-11.50 GHz
    • 11.70-12.50 GHz
    • 11.75-12.50 GHz
    • 11.835-12.180 GHz
    • 12.25-12.75 GHz
    • 12.25-13.00 GHz
    • 12.75-13.25 GHz
    • 13.00-13.25 GHz
    • 13.25-13.75 GHz
    • 13.75-14.25 GHz
    • 14.50-14.80 GHz
    • 14.60-15.40 GHz
    • 17.30-17.70 GHz
    • 17.30-18.10 GHz
    • 17.70-18.10 GHz

    Element 6W BUC Mechanical Diagram

    22 May

    AvL Technologies Ka-Band Mobile VSAT IP Broadband Antenna Systems

    The AvL Ka-Band Mobile VSAT IP Broadband Antenna System (1.2m) is certified to operate on the ViaSat Exede service.

    AvL’s Ka-Band Broadband Antenna Family offers high reliability, cost-effective solutions for mobile broadband Internet access with new HTS satellites.
    These antennas feature the AvL Zero Backlash Cable Drive and an Auto-Acquisition Controller.

    AvL’s Ka Broadband antennas are available in the following sizes:

    • 85cm (model 880KVH)
    • 1.0m (model 1080KVH)
    • 1.2m (model 1280KVH)

    The antennas offer cost-effective solutions for mobile broadband Internet access, Satellite News Gathering, Disaster Relief, Oil & Gas Data Backhaul,
    and Defense & Homeland Security. Antennas in the Models 880KVH / 1080KVH / 1280KVH Ka Broadband Antenna Family operate with:

    • Avanti / HYLAS
    • Eutelsat / Tooway
    • ViaSat / Exede

    AvL Auto Acquisition Controller

    AvL antenna systems combine the patented AvL Cable Drive positioning system with totally automatic satellite acquisition to provide ease of operation
    (without a satellite technician) and ultimate reliability under even the most demanding environmental conditions. Our auto-acquisition controllers contain
    embedded software (no software to install!) to automatically find the satellite in minutes providing rapid deployment and operation on any satellite worldwide.

    Compatible with every satellite modem without modem interface required, the controllers have integrated GPS to determine exact site location, compass,
    base level sensors, and a receiver that allows satellite acquisition and optimum peaking and cross pol nulling without any connection to the RF system
    resulting in automatic optimization of azimuth and elevation and polarization alignment.

    Safety features include shut off of receive link if movement is detected and a stow command if the vehicle moves or tilt sensors are activated.

    AvL Cable Drive

    The AvL Cable Drive rotary drive system suffers no backlash and is a simple maintainence free dry mechanism able to operate in a very wide range of difficult and
    hazardous conditions without degradation.

    The AvL Cable Drive rotary drive technology is an elegant, simple, system that utilizes the averaging effect of many cables wrapped around a drive capstan and
    an output shaft.

    The most important of specifications for a satellite antenna, particularly an auto-acquisition antenna, is the pointing accuracy and the stability and stiffness
    of the positioner under the most extreme environmental conditions. The positioning accuracy is determined by how precisely the positioner can move to a defined
    point as well as how stable and stiff the positioner is in maintaining that position. The speed of movement is based on how quickly the positioner can move to
    a defined position.

    AvL’s patent-pending AvL Cable Drive technology provides the ultimate in precision and stiffness compared to geared drive systems and, unlike most other systems,
    is free of backlash. It is a maintenance-free dry mechanism able to operate in a very wide range of difficult and hazardous conditions without degradation.
    Originally invented as an inexpensive way to rotate very large antennas accurately and smoothly, the AvL Cable Drive is an elegantly simple system that utilizes
    the averaging effect of many cables wrapped around a drive capstan and output shaft.

    …see the Datasheet for the AvL 880/1080/1280KVH Series

    09 Jan

    AvL Model 1000K-11 1.0M Motorized Vehicular Mount VSAT Antenna

    AvL Technologies 1000K-11 MVSAT
    1.0m Ku-Band Motorized Vehicular VSAT Antenna

    Vehicle Mounted Mobile VSAT Antennas are a cost effective solution for broadband connectivity. These antennas can be mounted on smaller
    vehicles and provide a range of data rates using low power transmit block up converters (BUCs).

    1000K MVSAT Features

    • Operate independently of terrestrial-based communications systems that are susceptible to local service interruptions, natural disasters
      and sabotage.
    • Ensure that mobile satellite communications terminals can provide high-performance broadband connectivity at an affordable price.
    • Are an alternative to T1 installation, providing cost effective, high-bandwidth broadband connectivity to mobile users.
    • Are ideal for homeland defense, disaster/crisis management, emergency and corporate communications.
    • Provide video, voice, IP and data communication from any point to any other point on earth with extraordinary reliability and higher data
      rates than comparable products.
    • Mount on almost any vehicle, including those as small as an SUV or mini-van.

    The following product features are offered exclusively by AvL Technologies:

    Auto-Acquisition Controllers

    AvL one button satellite acquisition antenna control systems provide fully automatic, modem independent, acquisition and tracking
    capabilities for rapid deployment. Satellites are typically acquired in less than three minutes.

    Thanks to AvL’s exclusive auto-acquisition technology, our products can be reliably operated by non-technical operators without any
    requirement for external testing equipment or laptop.

    Zero Backlash Roto-Lok® Cable Drive Positioners

    The most important specification for a satellite antenna, particularly an auto-acquisition antenna, is pointing accuracy and the
    stability and stiffness of the positioner under the most extreme environmental conditions.

    AvL’s patented Roto-Lok® cable drive technology provides the ultimate in precision and stiffness compared to geared drive systems and,
    unlike most other systems, is free of backlash. It is a maintenance-free dry mechanism able to operate in a very wide range of difficult
    and hazardous conditions without degradation.

    24 Jun

    Paradise Datacom IBC Series IF to L-Band Up/Down Converter

    Paradise Datacom’s IF to L-Band Up/Down Converter (IBC) is a self-contained (1RU) indoor chassis which can be configured as a single thread system or as a 1:1 Redundant System.

    The frequency agile Upconverter translates an IF (70 MHz) frequency input signal to an L-Band frequency between 950 and 2050 MHz.

    The frequency agile Downconverter translates a L-Band input signal between 950 and 2050 MHz to an IF frequency of 70 MHz.

    The IBC is designed specifically as the perfect frequency interface that would transition a 70MHz base-band modem output to an L-Band frequency for a block converter. The IBC has two hot-swappable modules which can be removed without interrupting the chassis power. The IBC can also be configured with one up and one down converter module, two up converter modules or two down converter modules. The redundancy option can be utilized when configured with like converter modules.

    System control is available through the front panel and via rear panel parallel I/O remote or serial I/O remote connectors.

    …for more Up/Down Converters