AVCOM RSA-2500B-SBS Single Board Embedded Spectrum Analyzer

The RSA-2500B-SBS Single Board Embedded Spectrum Analyzer is the latest Avcom product designed from the ground up with the system integrator in mind.

The compact design measures
5”x7” so that it can easily be integrated into another
piece of equipment, inside a small satellite terminal,
or as an integral part of the satellite antenna
itself. The single board design requires only external
+15-24VDC/9W with an extended wide band input
(5 MHz to 2500MHz) and is available with USB,
Ethernet and Serial communication ports. Please
contact Avcom for custom mounting configurations
for adapting the RSA-2500B-SBS into your system.

RSA-2500B-SBS Features

  • Small Compact Design
  • Can Be Easily Integrated into
    Other Products
  • Improved Amplitude & Frequency
  • 4 Resolution Bandwidth Selections
  • USB, Ethernet & Serial Comms
  • Small form factor design
  • User Friendly and Intuitive GUI

Improved Performance & Specifications
The new RSA-2500B-SBS was designed for excellent
frequency and amplitude accuracy with a wide
variety of resolution bandwidth selections ranging
from 10kHz to 1MHz. This is required to allow for
viewing and monitoring of small TT&C and data carriers
found in many satellite communications markets

Versatile Graphical User Interface
The new Avcom Graphical User interface (GUI) is
based on the National Instruments Labview Platform
and has been customized for several of our
customer’s applications. The Avcom GUI will run
on the WINDOWS 2000, XP, and Vista platforms and
is now also available for Mac. Avcom also offers a
multi user version of the software so that multiple
users can monitor at the same time. Please contact
Avcom for any questions regarding the GUI or if you
wish to use your own software with this product.


Mounting Bracket Kit

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