iDirect X5 Satellite Router, 4W Full Ku-Band BUC and 11.7- 12.2 GHz (Americas) PLL LNB Bundle

iDirect X5 Satellite Router with 6W Ku-Band ODU Bundle includes: iDirect X5 Satellite Router, New Japan Radio NJT5207F 4W Full Ku-Band BUC (13.75 – 14.5 GHz) and New Japan Radio NJR2835H PLL LNB 11.7- 12.2 GHz (Americas).

Reduce the hassle of selecting compatible components for your terminal by purchasing a complete iDirect Router and ODU bundle. Leveraging key industry relationships, Satcom Resources has created packaged solutions for VSAT that will save you time and money in purchasing and provide reliable, high-speed, high-efficiency, field-proven IP Broadband connectivity for Small to Enterprise Networks.

Evolution X5 Series Satellite Router Modem

High-speed, High-performance IP Broadband Connectivity

Designed specifically to support business-critical applications, the Evolution X5 is a next-generation satellite router ideally suited for
broadband applications such as enterprise connectivity, cellular backhaul, maritime, secure banking, and other mobile applications.

The Evolution X5 features iDirect’s highly efficient implementation of the DVB-S2 standard with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) on the outbound carrier. Along with deterministic MF-TDMA technology and 2D 16-State FEC on the inbound, the Evolution X5 maximizes the efficiency of satellite capacity to enable new opportunities.

X5 Features

  • Supports topologies: Star and
    SCPC-return* upstream channels
  • Two modes of operation: iNFINITI
    and DVB-S2/ACM outbound
  • Next-generation, extemely
    efficient 2D 16-State inbound
  • Advanced QoS and traffic
  • Optional Spread Spectrum
    waveform technology supports
    very small antennas
  • Optional AES 256-bit encryption

NJT5207F 4W Ku-Band Block Upconverter type F


Frequency Range: 13.75-14.50 GHz, Output Power @P1dB 4W (+36 dBm min), IF Frequency: 950 – 1700 MHz, Input Connector: Type F Female, Output Interface: WR75 Waveguide Flange,
Power Requirement: +24 VDC (+15 to +30 VDC), Power Consumption: 34W typical, Weight: 3.7 lbs

NJT5207F Features

  • High Efficiency & Low Distortion
    • P1dB: +36 dBm min. over temperature
    • ACPR: -25 dBc @ Pout = +35 dBm
    • Power Consumption: 34 W Max.
  • Compact Size & Light Weight
    • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • LED Indicator
  • RoHS Compliance

New Japan Radio NJR2835H Ku-Band PLL LNB

The iDirect X5 6W Bundle comes with a New Japan Radio (NJRC) Ku-Band PLL LNB configured as follows: NJR2835H Internal Reference Ku-Band PLL LNB – Input Frequency: 11.70 to 12.20 GHz, Local Stability: ±10 ppm, Local Frequency: 10.75 GHz, Noise Figure: 0.8 dB typical, Output connector: Type F female (75 ohm)

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