March, 2012

30 Mar

Teledyne Paradise Datacom Q-Flex Dual IF/L-Band Modem

The Paradise Q-Flex™ modem embodies a new concept in SCPC satellite modem technology – a flexible software-defined modem that does what you want, now and in the future.

The Q-Flex™ modem’s flexible hardware platform provides IF and L-band operation in one unit. While its powerful processor makes it ideal for handling IP traffic, the Q-Flex™ modem can be fitted with virtually any type of terrestrial interface and will operate at data rates up to 155Mbps.

Flexible pricing is achieved by enabling only the features you need at any time. Future-proofing is assured by convenient software upgrades via Ethernet or a memory stick.

The Q-Flex™ modem supports the most powerful bandwidth-saving technology available.

Paired Carrier™ overlays transmit and receive carriers reducing satellite bandwidth by 50% (using ViaSat’s patented PCMA technology).

FastLink™ low-latency LDPC has been designed for latency-sensitive applications while giving coding gain that is close to the theoretical limits. DVB-S2, renowned for its robustness and bandwidth efficiency, is also supported.

Advanced bandwidth-saving IP features include acceleration and header and payload compression.

Q-Flex Applications

  • IP trunking
  • Corporate networking
  • Mobile backhaul
  • Disaster recovery
  • Maritime communications
  • Satellite news gathering
  • G.703 backhaul

Q-Flex™ Dual IF/L-Band Modem Features

  • Dual IF/L-band operation
  • Data rates to 155Mbps
  • Advanced IP feature set including TCP & HTTP acceleration, compression, routing, bridging, encryption, traffic shaping, ACM, throughput diagnostic graphs
  • DVB-S2, FastLink LDPC, TPC FEC options
  • Terrestrial interface options including Ethernet, EIA-530, G.703, OC-3, STM-1, LVDS, ASI, HSSI
  • Modulation up to 64QAM
  • Paired Carrier™ option
  • LinkGuard™ signal-under-carrier interference detection
  • Built-in spectrum and constellation monitors
  • IPv6 compliant
  • Interoperable with other Paradise modems
  • Feature-based pricing
  • Software upgradeable

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29 Mar

Adtec Digital YUV2QAM Dual Channel High Definition and Standard Definition Encoder

The Adtec YUV2QAM is a dual-channel, high definition and standard definition MPEG 2 broadcast distribution encoder with QAM modulation and RF up-conversion built in.

Its primary application is for use with clear QAM distribution to ATSC televisions. The YUV2QAM automatically detects video and audio, encodes, multiplexes and generates program information (PSIP); it then modulates and up-converts two channels for distribution via coax. Closed captioning and support for Emergency Alert (EAS) are standard. Applications include private cable, hospitality, medical, education and cable television.

YUV2QAM Applications

  • ATSC Distribution
  • DVB Distribution
  • Private Cable
    • Hospitality
    • Medical
    • Education
  • Cable Television MSOs


2-Channel High definition encoding: The YUV2QAM automatically detects two channels of video and audio via RCA input, encodes and multiplexes
the signal into a multiple program transport stream with either DVB or ATSC table compliance.

Automatic video detection: Video rates are automatically adjusted based on RCA video input resolution, audio passthrough or encode and QAM
modulation target.

QAM modulation and RF up-conversion: For cable television applications, the unit modulates the signal using QAM Annex A and B and up-converts two video and audio services multiplexed on one carrier frequency for distribution via coax networks.

ASI and GigE output: For non-RF applications, the YUV2QAM delivers ASI (75 Ohm source per EN500083-9) and GigE (MPEG2 or optional RTP multicast transport egress).

Program information: The YUV2QAM is compliant with the ATSC A69 Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP).

Closed captioning and EAS: Support for closed captioning and Emergency Alert (EAS) is standard.

DVB SI: The YUV2QAM is compliant with ETSI EN 300 468 Service Information specification.

Flexible configuration & control: Controlling and configuring the YUV2QAM is easy using the integrated front panel keypad and LCD and web page for
configuration and monitoring.

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27 Mar

Adtec EN91 HD & SD Ultra Low Latency AVC Encoder-Modulator

The Adtec EN91 is an ultra-low delay MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 high definition encoder.

EN91 Applications

  • DSNG (ultra-low, low and normal delay)
  • Tier One Contribution
  • 3D Discrete Contribution
  • High Efficiency Trunking (JPEG replacement)
  • Distribution

The ultra-low delay mode requires the use of Adtec’s RD60 IRD and delivers picture-to-picture services in 100 milliseconds; The EN91 standard delay mode is fully interoperable with other IRDs making it ideal for mission critical trunking and ad-hock applications. MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 is significantly more efficient than JPEG making it the CODEC of choice for multiplexed and bandwidth sensitive applications; AVCs inherent interoperability significantly adds to the value of solutions based on this industry standard.

The lightweight, 10 pound or 4.5 Kilo EN91 offers amazing features and specifications in its 1 RU chassis, including redundant AC power supplies, enhanced control and monitoring via its front-panel, a browser and SNMP; video support includes SD, 2D-HD and 3D AVC 422, sixteen channels of phase aligned audio, robust VBI support, reliability and easy of use all for an extraordinary value. In addition to encoding phase aligned audio, the EN91 pass-through support includes PCM, DolbyE (16 and 20 Bit) and Dolby AC3 (2.0 and 5.1).

The EN91 encodes and concurrently transports services via ASI, IP and DVBS/S2. The DVBS/S2 modulator is available in IF or L-band with modulation modes ranging from QPSK up to 32APSK based on software licenses.

EN91 Features

  • Automatic SD and HD detection
  • AVC 422 Video encoding
  • Sixteen (16) channels of phase aligned audio encoding
  • Time Code, Captions, Teletext and other VBI support
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Front Panel, Web UI, SNMP control and monitoring
  • DVBS/S2 modulation with IF or L-Band
  • Modulation modes from QPSK to 32APSK
  • ASI and IP Transport (IP supports SMPTE 2022 FEC)

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