January, 2012

25 Jan

MotoSAT MESA 1.2 HPX High Speed Motorized Earth Station Antenna

MotoSAT’s high speed MESA 1.2 HPX High Speed Motorized Earth Station Antenna is the most rugged motorized VSAT system ever. It is certainly best of class.

The MESA HPX is raising the bar and taking stationary VSAT communication to the next step and on the move.

Motorized RF Skew Assembly allows automatic alignment of the LNB and HPA-BUC to any position in the horizontal and vertical fields.

Automatic Satellite Acquisition
The MESA HPX is a motorized multi-platform satellite antenna with three axis alignment. Using the MotoSAT H3 Antenna Controller, the MESA HPX will automatically acquire any target KU or C-Band satellite worldwide using advance satellite acquisition methods.

Rugged, Reliable, Functional and Secure
The MESA HPX is a industry leading solution. The MESA HPX enables the user to maintain critical Voice/Data communication in extreme environments delivering security and peace of mind when standard forms of communications are no longer feasible due to location or technical complications. The MESA HPX eliminates costly re-pointing and network downtime.

Flexible, with Ease of Operation
The MESA HPX operates seamlessly with all commercially available satellite modems, allowing access to any broadband application via satellite. The MotoSAT MESA HPX allows personnel with little or no satellite experience to operate VSAT equipment for anytime/anywhere communications.

Permanent or Semi-Portable Applications
The MESA HPX can easily be relocated when mounted on a variety of mobile platforms thereby making your VSAT communication system mobile.

Inclined Orbit Tracking
Inclined Orbit satellites offer a cost effective alternative to traditional GEO station kept satellite bandwidth. With its motorized auto-aligning capabilities for both elevation and azimuth, the MESA HPX can accurately track inclined orbit satellites anywhere in the world.

Most businesses rely upon terrestrial connections for voice and data communications. When these traditional means go down, whether for short durations or long-term outages, your enterprise could be without critical services for hours or even days. MotoSAT’s satellite to LAN failover system provides your enterprise with the assurance that critical services will be uninterrupted when an outage occurs.

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09 Jan

AvL Model 1000K-11 1.0M Motorized Vehicular Mount VSAT Antenna

AvL Technologies 1000K-11 MVSAT
1.0m Ku-Band Motorized Vehicular VSAT Antenna

Vehicle Mounted Mobile VSAT Antennas are a cost effective solution for broadband connectivity. These antennas can be mounted on smaller
vehicles and provide a range of data rates using low power transmit block up converters (BUCs).

1000K MVSAT Features

  • Operate independently of terrestrial-based communications systems that are susceptible to local service interruptions, natural disasters
    and sabotage.
  • Ensure that mobile satellite communications terminals can provide high-performance broadband connectivity at an affordable price.
  • Are an alternative to T1 installation, providing cost effective, high-bandwidth broadband connectivity to mobile users.
  • Are ideal for homeland defense, disaster/crisis management, emergency and corporate communications.
  • Provide video, voice, IP and data communication from any point to any other point on earth with extraordinary reliability and higher data
    rates than comparable products.
  • Mount on almost any vehicle, including those as small as an SUV or mini-van.

The following product features are offered exclusively by AvL Technologies:

Auto-Acquisition Controllers

AvL one button satellite acquisition antenna control systems provide fully automatic, modem independent, acquisition and tracking
capabilities for rapid deployment. Satellites are typically acquired in less than three minutes.

Thanks to AvL’s exclusive auto-acquisition technology, our products can be reliably operated by non-technical operators without any
requirement for external testing equipment or laptop.

Zero Backlash Roto-Lok® Cable Drive Positioners

The most important specification for a satellite antenna, particularly an auto-acquisition antenna, is pointing accuracy and the
stability and stiffness of the positioner under the most extreme environmental conditions.

AvL’s patented Roto-Lok® cable drive technology provides the ultimate in precision and stiffness compared to geared drive systems and,
unlike most other systems, is free of backlash. It is a maintenance-free dry mechanism able to operate in a very wide range of difficult
and hazardous conditions without degradation.