Ericsson RX8252 Program Transcoder

The Ericsson RX8252 Program Transcoder allows legacy systems to continue MPEG-2 operation whilst allowing the Programmer to distribute using MPEG-4 AVC compression by offering both dense and high quality transcoding from MPEG-4 AVC to MPEG-2.

Broadcasters and Programmers are continually looking to take advantage of technological advances that reduce their distribution costs. MPEG-4 AVC compression in conjunction with DVB-S2 satellite transmission is the perfect combination to achieve such transmission efficiency gains. However, many TV systems are locked into MPEG-2 technology for the foreseeable future by the deployed set-top box population.

The RX8252 Program Transcoder offers a high level of transcode density and sophistication. The RX8252 can be configured to enable up to 6 transcodes of any combination of HD to HD, HD to SD and SD to SD transcoding – allowing the programmer to address all tiers of service providers. In addition to video processing the RX8252 Program Transcoder also provides an unsurpassed level of flexibility in its network interfacing through a choice of service filtering and PID remapping capabilities.

Program content delivered over satellite is securely protected through the RX8252 Program Transcoder’s conditional access capabilities. The RX8252 is fully integrated to provide compatibility with DVB Common Interface and BISS CA. Conditional access and control ability can be further enhanced by employing Director by Ericsson – a sophisticated CA and receiver population control and management system.

RX8252 Product Overview

A Program Transcoder With an Unrivalled Pedigree
The RX8252 Program Transcoder shares its heritage with Ericsson’s
fourth generation RX8200 Advanced Modular Receiver, providing a
level of quality and flexibility that is unsurpassed.

Increased Distribution Capacity and Efficiency
The RX8252 Program Transcoder, in combination with Ericsson’s
MPEG-4 AVC Encoders, DVB-S2 and PREKOR™ Satellite
Modulators achieves a level of bandwidth efficiency that is unrivalled
allowing more or higher quality HD services per transponder
compared with any competing solution.

Wide Choice of Inputs and Outputs for Enhanced Connectivity
The RX8252 can be integrated into a variety of system architectures,
including satellite delivery, ASI and IP systems through a choice of
input and output modules.

Simplified Control and Lower Cost of Operations
Organizations with large populations of RX8252 Program Transcoders
or other Ericsson receivers can simplify control by integrating with the
Director by Ericsson control system. Director provides remote, overair,
single-view control and CA from a central location, reducing the
need for on-site local operators.

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