September, 2011

30 Sep

Ericsson SPR1100 Broadcast Stream Processor

The Ericsson SPR1100 Broadcast Stream Processor is a high density broadcast video processor for operators to launch additional television services to the home; manage and migrate to MPEG-4 AVC; simplify time-shift TV ingest processing; and enable cost efficient disaster recovery sites for business continuity.

Designed for video turnaround applications requiring video and audio transcoding or bit-rate changing, the Ericsson SPR1100 supports any-to-any MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC HD/SD transcoding for up to 24 HD or 72 SD video services, up to 144 stereo audio services, and can simultaneously generate Picture-in-Picture (PIP) service for all channels processed – all within a single 1RU rack space saving chassis. The processor is perfectly suited for Telco and Cable IPTV platforms and represents the most efficient in its class. In addition, it can serve as a high quality bit-rate changer allowing for lower overall bit-rates or VBR to CBR conversion for applications like time-shift TV ingest.

The high availability configuration with a hot-standby spare running as automatic 1+1 mirrored units ensures maximum reliability and service up-time. The unit also has a number of other reliability features including choice of single or dual power supply and hot-swap processing modules for in-field servicing and expansion. An advanced Web-based user interface allows easy configuration, without the need for an external control system, which allows the Ericsson SPR1100 to be added to any existing installation that needs dense video transcoding.

SPR1100 Overview

Multiple Applications
High density broadcast video processing for multiple applications including turnaround of content for telco and cable IPTV, time-shift TV ingest processing and cost-efficient disaster recovery sites for business continuity.

Any-to-any Flexible Transcoding
The Ericsson SPR1100 will transcode between MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, SD and HD, with single and multi-program transport stream input and outputs over IP. Audio services can also be transcoded between MPEG-1/2 layer II, Dolby® Digital (AC-3) and Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) formats.

High Density Processing
Class leading density with transcoding for up to 24 HD or 72 SD and simultaneous PIP service generation in a 1RU chassis. Introduce new services in minimum of rack space.

“Pay As You Grow” Expansion
Only buy what you need today, the Ericsson SPR1100 can be expanded in the field with additional hot-swap Media Processing Modules and video transcoding licences.

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19 Sep

Xicom XTD-400KHE High Efficiency 400W Ku-Band Antenna Mount TWTA

The Xicom XTD-400KHE series is a compact, antenna mountable, traveling wave tube amplifier designed for low cost installation and long life.

Intended for outdoor operation, the self contained XTD-400KHE is designed for transportable applications where high efficiency, light weight, and high ambient temperature operation are required.

RF filters, cooling, and monitor & control (M&C) systems are all self contained within the package. A high frequency resonant conversion power supply is used that accepts a wide range of prime power (100 to 260 VAC). A remote external controller is available to operate the HPA from a user selected location. Depending upon user requirements, these high power amplifiers can be configured for single thread, redundant, or phase combined configurations.

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16 Sep

iDirect Evolution iConnex e850mp Series Satellite Router Board

Extremely compact and lightweight boards, the iConnex e850mp was designed to be easily integrated into a portable VSAT solution.

Portable, Powerful and Secure IP Broadband Connectivity
This iConnex series meets the most rigorous demands for mobility and security, delivering always-on broadband capabilities into smaller form factors that support data, voice, and video connectivity in highly mobile military and government
applications. The e850mp-IND has been industrialized to MIL Standard requirements for extreme operational conditions.

Maximum Portability
Approximately seventy percent smaller surface area than our state-of-the-art e8350 router and half the size of the iConnex e800 board, the e850mp and the e850mp-IND allow for maximum customization into a portable router solution that can be easily transported by a single person or mobile vehicle, making it ideal for Communications-on-the-Move (COTM), emergency response, and for command and control applications in the field.

Combined with leading spread spectrum technology, this iConnex series enables the use of ultra-small and phased-array antennas on aircrafts, ships, and land-based vehicles. The iConnex e850mp series is fully enabled for iDirect’s Global Network Management System (GNMS) and automatic beam switching technology allowing for a seamless network with truly global coverage while on the move.

Greater Flexibility
The iConnex e850mp series offers the choice between iNFINITI TDM or DVB-S2/ACM on the outbound, providing even more flexibility for network design and bandwidth optimization.

High Security
Compliant with the highest military security requirements, the iConnex e850mp series features embedded AES encryption and TRANSEC with advanced FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliance. Also, to support Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) frequency ranges, the e850mp series is equipped to cover wider IF ranges, providing flexibility in secure network deployment.

Superior Quality of Service
With iDirect’s state-of-the-art Group QoS, high-priority traffic designation can be recognized by advanced encryption devices and traffic can be segregated by groups of remotes, multiple sub-networks, and multiple applications, ensuring the highest quality transmissions where needed.

Simple, Intuitive Network Management
Service providers can easily configure and centrally manage each individual unit though the iVantageTM network management system, a complete suite of software-based tools for configuring, monitoring and controlling networks from one location.

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02 Sep

Belcom Microwaves SPARK Miniature Low Power C-Band BUCs

Belcom’s SPARK Series of low power BUCs have been trusted by the world’s largest VSAT companies for over 20 years with a proven reputation for reliability.

Built to be robust and reliable, SPARK BUCs are rugged enough to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. Belcom’s high-level development experience along with large volume manufacturing capabilities, provide clients with unmatched cost savings. SPARK products are covered by a complete two-year warranty and backed by a dedicated service team that ensures a full repair cycle in no more than 21 days.

SPARK Highlights

  • Available in C, Extended C and
    Palapa bands
  • Output power: 1W, 2W, 5W, 8W
  • Covered by a complete two-year
    warranty plan
  • Guaranteed 21-day repair cycle
  • Low power consumption
  • Lightweight: 1.85 Kg

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01 Sep

Memotec CX-U Series WAN Optimization

The Memotec CX-U Series brings together a flexible access device and cellular backhaul traffic optimization, offering a variety of backhaul interfaces and transmission options.

The CXU offers Abis/Ater optimization, 2G/3G aggregation, DCME voice trunking optimization, TDM Pseudowire, all over IP, Frame Relay or MLPPP protocol support.

The CX-U products support digital fractional T1/E1, high-speed serial and Ethernet network interfaces with a choice of protocols (Frame Relay, IP/MLPPP) and multiple network backup options. Designed with the utmost reliability in mind, it can support an extended temperature range. Line Bypass and optional 100 ms 1+1 hot standby redundancy without service interruption are also available for ultimate availability in challenging remote locations.

The CX-U family is comprised of four products: CX-U 1010, CX-U 1220, CX-U 1240 and CX-U 1280, which can be used in stand-alone mode of operation at hubs or aggregation points, or in conjunction with the CX-U devices located at the remote cell sites.

Based on GSM Abis traffic optimization and aggregation using statistical multiplexing, Memotec’s RAN Optimizer delivers up to 3:1 bandwidth reduction. The RAN Optimizer transparently connects between the BTS/BSC and the transmission network facility, reducing the amount of backhaul bandwidth required to support cellular services over constrained links, such as satellite.

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