August, 2011

19 Aug

International Datacasting SuperFlex Pro IPTV

Ideal for Telco’s MDUs and other points of presence where space is limited, the IDC SuperFlex Pro IPTV is a cost effective and easy to use satellite receiver solution that forms the foundation for any reliable broadcast quality IPTV service.

The SuperFlex Pro IPTV is designed to generate additional revenues for service providers by working with already installed traditional DTN/DBS and CATV broadcast networks. IDC can also provide a complete custom configured end-to-end DVB-S2 IPTB system from scratch.

The SuperFlex Pro IPTV 6U chassis supports up to 14 dual carrier hot-swappable satellite receiver blade modules (24+4 transponders) in a single chassis with several built-in decryption options.

The SuperFlex Pro IPTV 3U chassis support up to 4 dual carrier hot-swappable satellite receiver blade modulates (6+2 or 8+0 transponders) in a single chassis.

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02 Aug

iDirect Evolution XLC-11 Line Card

The iDirect Evolution XLC-11 Line Card features one modulator and one demodulator operating in either DVB-S2/ACM or iNFINITI TDM mode on the outbound.

The XLC-11 supports TDMA with extremely efficient inbound FEC with 2D 16-State coding, making it ideally suited for voice, video and data applications in enterprise and mobility networks.

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