July, 2009

31 Jul

Radyne DVC240XR and DVR240XR Digital Video Broadcast Modulator and Demodulator

The Radyne DVC240XR is a full featured DVB-S2, DVB-DSNG and
DVB-S modulator offered as a circuit card assembly or CCA.
It runs at data rates from 1 to 238 Mbps and is capable of
CCM, VCM and ACM operation.

The Radyne DVR240XR DVB Broadcast Demodulator Front-End Card is a 45 Msps universal solution for DVB-S DVB-DSNG and DVB-S2 applications in a compact 160 D x 100 W x 14 H mm circuit card assembly or CCA.

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31 Jul

Radyne DMD2050 Mil-STD-188-165A Compliant Universal Satellite Modem

The Comtech Radyne DMD2050 Satellite Modem breaks new ground in flexibility and performance. With standards based on MILSTD- 188-165A and the ability to run commercial industry standard functions including IDR, IBS and DVB, while covering data rates up to 52 Mbps, this 1RU duplex modem covers virtually all Satellite IP, Telecom, Video and Internet applications.

Switch between spur-free 70/140 MHz operation to L-Band without any configuration changes.

The extensive list of software options allows for the deployment of a modem with today’s needs while keeping an eye toward tomorrow. Additional options and configurations can be activated in seconds via the front panel. Additional hardware options like Turbo, Interface Expansion, and DC operation complete the modem’s dynamic feature coverage. The DMD2050’s impressive remote accessibility surpasses all others in the field. Remote control is supported via serial, 10 BaseT SNMP Ethernet, or Web Browser and includes control of all the modem’s features plus software maintenance. Supported by an extensive line of redundancy switches and converters, the DMD2050 can be built into any satellite requirement. Compatibility with current modems, such as the DMD20, DMD50, DMD15, and DISA certified MIL-188- 165 compliant DMD15L, and the MIL-STD-165A compliant SLM-5650A is maintained for seamless substitution and addition to your existing systems.

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30 Jul

Comtech Radyne DM240XR Digital Video Broadcast Modulator

The Comtech Radyne DM240XR offers high data rates (up to 190 Mbps for the DVB-S2 and 238 Mbps for the DVB-S) and the most flexible modulation schemes available (QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM, 16APSK and 32APSK).

The DM240XR is DVB-S2 ready and can easily be upgraded in the field. The DM240XR provides a comprehensive set of advanced S2 features. The DM240XR extends its dominance in broadcast applications through increased data rate capability and the addition of 16APSK and 32APSK support. Proven performance operating near Shannon’s limit offers results with 30% better bandwidth efficiencies and carrier to noise figures below the noise floor.

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29 Jul

Paradise Data Evolution PD10/L Satellite Modem Now Configurable

Paradise Datacom PD10 Satellite Modem

This 10Mbps capable Modem offers full compliance with IESS- 308, 309, 310, 314 & 315, plus a range of data interfaces including Ethernet. The Evolution Series Satellite Modem uses a new design concept whereby core functions are implemented with programmable logic, which allows easy reconfiguration to the needs of the user, and provides future-proof flexibility.

Evolution Key Features

•Field upgradeable feature set
•5Msymbol/s capable
•4.8kbps to 2,048kbps in the base modem; options to 10Mbps
•RS422, X.21, V.35, RS232, G.703 standard interfaces
•Quad E1 and Ethernet Bridge (optional)
•IP Acceleration and Brouting (optional)
•BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, 8PSK (option), 8QAM (option) & 16QAM (option)
•Multi-rate 2nd Generation Turbo (TPC option), Viterbi, Sequential (option), TCM, LDPC BCH & Reed-Solomon FEC options
•50 – 90MHz & 100 – 180MHz IF in 100Hz steps
•Closed Network, Closed Network + ESC, IBS/SMS (option) and IDR (option)
•Drop and Insert to E1/T1 (option) with extended functions: RBS, CAS
•Built-in 1:1 Redundancy Controller
•Embedded web server accessed via standard web browser for management and remote control
•48V dc Primary Power input option

To build yours now, click Here to build in either a 70 MHz IF or L-Band IF Configuration.

29 Jul

Mitec 25-40W Ku-Band One-Box-Design BUC

The new generation of Mitec VSAT Block Up-converters comes with
an integrated BUC/Booster package and is designed for high efficiency
resulting in an optimal compact form factor and light weight with high
performance and reliability. with the advanced customer interface and
HTTP embedded web page, the operator is able to monitor and control
the BUC and the System Redundancy from a web browser.

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29 Jul

Newtec Elevation Series EL940 Satellite IP Receiver

The Newtec EL940 is a high performance professional satellite IP receiver designed for the reception of IP traffic transmitted over satellite in compliance with the DVB-S, DVB-DSNG or DVB-S2 standards. The EL940 connects directly to terrestrial IP network infrastructures via a single auto-switching Gigabit Ethernet interface. The receiver demodulates, restores and filters the data received from the satellite at rates of up to 105Mbits/sec (154Mbits/sec with option ED-02).

The EL940 comes with a single, fixed hardware configuration optimized for applications that requires a low initial investment without compromising on performance. It is ideally suited for point-to-multipoint applications, such as content distribution.

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29 Jul

Comtech EF Data UT4518 Ku/DBS Band Upconverter

The Comtech EF Data (CEFD) UT-4518 Up Converter is
the ultimate in high-performance and cost effective
Ku-Band frequency conversion. The UT-4518 can be used
for SCPC, DAMA, and TDMA, as well as full transponder
HDTV and analog TV. Spectral purity and stability
characteristics fully meet or exceed the requirements of all
domestic, international, and regional commercial satellite
networks, including the Eutelsat HotbirdTM family.

Daisy Chain Redundancy Switching

The converter uses CEFD’s proprietary “Daisy Chain” integrated switching technology. The Daisy Chain design removes the relays associated with a centralized protection switch tray and distributes them across the individual converters. CEFD was awarded patent 5,666,646 on this distributed protection switch topology.

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28 Jul

Comtech EF Data DT4513 Ku-Band Downconverter Now Configurable

The Comtech DT-4513 can be used for SCPC, DAMA, and TDMA, as well as full transponder HDTV and analog TV. Spectral purity and stability characteristics fully meet or exceed the requirements of all domestic, international, and regional commercial satellite networks.

We have updated this unit and made it configurable on our website, you can click Here to configure yours.

The DT-4513 has +20 dBm minimum output level at the 1 dB compression point and 45 dB of gain as a standard. This capability permits longer cable runs to the modem rack or compensates for elaborate splitting networks without adding expensive options such as external line amplifiers.

The phase noise performance of the DT-4513 exceeds the Intelsat phase noise mask for IBS and IDR services by more than 6 dB. This allows phase dependent demodulators to perform better. The close-in phase noise is very low, making the converter ideal for low bit rate digital circuits such as those used in DAMA hub earth stations.

28 Jul

Ayecka TM1 Trans-Modulator

The Ayecka TM1 Trans-Modulator converts DVB-S2 signals to DVB-S allowing use of DVB-S receivers with DVB-S2 links.

Integration of the TM1 with existing receivers (VSAT or one way) is quick and simple. An operator need only configure the IRD to receive an L-Band input of 1Ghz at 27Msps. The TM1 is configured according to the satellite signals parameters.

The TM1 was designed to simplify the upgrade process – both in cost and time

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24 Jul

Comtech Radyne DD240XR Digital Video Broadcast Demodulator

New to Satcom Resources’ line of DVB Demodulators, the Comtech Radyne DD240XR High-Speed Video Broadcast Demodulator is an ideal choice for high data rate video and Internet applications, meeting the latest in DVB standards EN300-421, EN301-210 and EN302-307.

The DD240XR High-Speed Video Broadcast Demodulator is DVB-S and DVB-S2 compliant. It is an ideal choice for high data rate video and Internet applications, meeting the latest in DVB standards EN300-421, EN301-210 and EN302-307. The unit supports QPSK, 8PSK and 16QAM applications for DVB-S and QPSK, 8PSK, and 16APSK for DVB-S2 up to 45 Msps. Supporting a variety of data and IF interfaces, the DD240XR is configurable to meet all high-speed satellite applications. With field upgradeable features, the DD240XR can be easily upgraded, adding features like DVB-S2, 8PSK, 16QAM and 16APSK.

The powerful onboard Monitor and Control (M&C) processor has the unique capability to download upgraded firmware and enhanced features from a field-changeable PCMCIA card. Features can be added to the installed equipment base with extreme ease, allowing enhancements with changes in service while lowering initial installation budgets.

The DD240XR offers a frequency-agile IF input from 950 to 2150 MHz and 50 to 90 or 100 to 180 MHz. DVB-S variable data rates from 2 Mbps to 144 Mbps can be set in 1 bps steps. DVS-S2 variable data rates from 2 Mbps to 160 Mbps.

The Demodulator also offers the choice of remotely interfacing through one of two rear panel connections: Ethernet or RS-485. The front panel offers push-button control of all features and a backlit LCD display. Menus are specifically designed for ease of use and quick operation as well as changes in all demodulator parameters.

For applications requiring system redundancy, the DD240XR may be used with the Radyne RCS11 1:1 Redundancy Switch or the RCS20 M:N Redundancy Switch.

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