June, 2009

30 Jun

Integrated Modem & Abis Optimizer from Paradise Datacom

Since the launch of their Evolution Modem, engineers at Paradise Datacom have pioneered a host of features designed specifically for Cellular Operators that use satellite links to backhaul Abis traffic. Features such as the Quad-E1 Interface allowed operators to backhaul up to four full or fractional E1 channels at a BTS site with a single modem. Customers wanting to seamlessly migrate from CDMA networks to GSM asked for the ability to bring serial and IP traffic interfaces into the Quad-E1’s internal multiplexer and so – MultiMux was born. Again, Paradise Datacom has raised the bar with the introduction of Sat-Abis, the industry’s only integrated modem and Abis optimizer.

Available in both their Evolution and Quantum series modems, Sat-ABIS provides a simple, cost-effective way to enjoy significant reductions in satellite bandwidth usage for backhaul links without having to purchase expensive and complex outboard components. Sat-Abis was designed from the very beginning to function as a symbiotic element of the existing Paradise Datacom Evolution and Quantum – series modem platforms and consequently works in concert with the litany of powerful features already resident in those products.

Each G.703 port is user-configurable for E1 or T1 traffic, at either full or fractional rates. The on-board multiplexer combines traffic on up to four E1/T1 circuits into a single HDLC packet stream, which reduces encapsulation overhead and packet frequency. Though addressable from the modem’s front panel, the Ethernet ports allow direct PC access for high-speed configuration of the module and provide expansion capability for future applications.

Sat-Abis processes up to 64 DS0 channels (64 kbps) of Abis-compressed voice, signaling and data traffic simultaneously on 1-4 terrestrial E1 ports on the modem’s rear panel. In order to reduce the satellite bandwidth necessary to support the link, Sat-Abis performs the following functions:

  • Idle Speech Frames and Idle Data Frames – compression of repetitive data patterns as detailed in Technical Specs 3GPP TS 08.60 for full and enhanced full-rate traffic (sections 3.4 & 3.5.5) and 8.61 for half-rate traffic (section 6.5)
  • Idle Data Pattern – compression of Layer-1 Idle Patterns for 64 kbps, 16 kbps and 8 kbps channels as detailed in 3GPP TS 8.54, Layer-1 structure
  • Silent Speech Frames – monitoring of Silence Descriptor Indicator (SID) with compression of redundant data (Ref. GSM 06.81)
  • Signaling Optimization – signaling is based on LAP-D and is transported as HDLC, which provides more robust transport and reduced bandwidth when compared to fixed-frame encapsulation
  • Other TRAU Frames – data is transported in a transparent manner with no optimization or compression.

Though Abis optimization is an excellent first step in maximizing use of the satellite, other technologies may be utilized to take bandwidth savings a step further. In addition to Sat-Abis, Paired Carrier Multiple Access (PCMA) is available as an outboard instrument and will soon be incorporated into the modem as an embedded feature, thanks to an agreement reached between Paradise Datacom and ViaSat, the patent holder of PCMA. PCMA can be used in combination with Sat-Abis for additional OP-EX savings. Other embedded features contained in Paradise Datacom modems include web-accessible diagnostics tools:

  • Spectrum Analyzer with peak-hold and multiple bandwidths
  • Bit Error Rate Tester – directly compatible with Fireberd instruments
  • Constellation O-scope

29 Jun

Comtech EF Data XSAT X-Band Transcievers

Comtech EF Data developed the XSAT-7080 X-Band Transceiver utilizing a talented team of RF engineers with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing satellite transceivers and other RF products. The XSAT-7080 family of 5 to 25 Watt, 50 Watt, and 100 Watt units is designed to provide the user with superior performance, long-term reliability and ease of installation with a very price competitive product. The XSAT-7080 is the perfect choice for your VSAT application for TDMA, DAMA, and SCPC/MCPC sites requiring higher power.

Comtech EF Data XSAT X-Band Transcievers

For more information, view the XSAT X-Band Transciever on our website.

29 Jun

Paradise Datacom PCMA-70 Satellite Signal Canceller

The Paradise Datacom PCMA-70 boosts the capacity of your satellite transponder space by combining the uplink and downlink transmissions into the same bandwidth.

Paradise Datacom PCMA-70 Satellite Signal Canceller

Slash bandwidth costs and increase the capacity of your satellite networks with the PCMA-70 Series of Bandwidth Saving Satellite Signal Cancellers from Paradise Datacom. This frequency-re-use appliance harnesses the power of patented Paired Carrier Multiple Access (PCMA) technology to cut satellite bandwidth needs by as much as fifty percent.

By simply adding the device to your satellite network, you can expand the capacity of transponders, free up bandwidth for more applications, and lower your network’s operating costs. For example, while satellite space segment costs can vary greatly depending on location and usage, a network operator paying $5,000 per MHz per month for 20MHz can save up to $600,000 per year on bandwidth by using the PCMA-70.

While most satellite transmissions require separate frequencies to transmit and receive, this device enables two different signals to overlap in frequency, which increases the bandwidth available to the system. The appliance uses an adaptive self-interference cancellation technique to subtract your transmitted signal to recover the desired signal. The canceller works with all modulation and FEC techniques on “bent pipe”, non-cross-strapped satellite networks to enhance the benefits of any advanced modulation techniques or turbo coding you may already use.

With a 1RU form factor, the PCMA-70 fits into a standard rack and interfaces with any digital satellite modem. The device cancels signals with bandwidths of 1 to 36 MHz.

Satellite Bandwidth Savings
One Device for Multiple Network Applications

•Star (Hub/Spoke; One-to- Many)
•FDMA Mesh (Single Satellite Hop; Many-to-Many)
•Hybrid Star Mesh
•Single Carrier Per Channel (SCPC)
•Co-located multi-carrier
•Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) voice and data networks

For More Information, or to request a quote:

Visit the Paradise Datacom PCMA-70 Satellite Signal Canceller on our website.

25 Jun

Paradise PD60L DVB S2 L-Band Satellite Modem

The Paradise QUANTUM Series PD60L Modem brings the bandwidth saving and robustness benefits of DVB-S2 to traditional SCPC services such as IBS and Drop & Insert.

Paradise PD60 L-Band Satellite Modem

Paired Carrier technology overlays transmit and receive carriers reducing satellite bandwidth by up to 50%. Paired CarrierTM technology is patented by Viasat Inc.

QUANTUM modems are fully backward compatible with Paradise Evolution modems when DVB-S2 and Paired Carrier are disabled.

For more information or to request a price on this product, please view the Paradise Datacom PD60L L-Band Satellite Modem or the Paradise Datacom PD60 IF Satellite Modem on our website.

24 Jun

Adtec MediaHub High Definition HD 422 Real Time MPEG Encoders

Adtec HD MPEG 2 MPEG 4 High Definition Encoder

Offering the highest-quality and most flexible encoding features of Adtec’s seasoned encoder line-up, the mediaHUB is a High and Standard Definition multi-CODEC work-horse. With the ability to encode any combination of HD or SD, MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 AVC with 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 color space, the mediaHUB-HD 422 supports past, present and future requirements.
With support for 40 encoding profiles and auto-detection capability for resolution and frame rate, this product can hit the ground running regardless of your application….Contribution, Distribution or Studio Encoding!

Its rugged design and standard LCD front panel for status and configuration makes it ideal for mobile contribution applications while the on-board web-based control application offers ease of use for distribution and studio encoding.

This all-in-one rack mountable unit is designed with standards compliance in mind and can easily be integrated with other leading broadcast gear.

For complete specifications or to learn more about this unit, please view it on our website by clicking here to learn about the MPEG-2 Base Model, or clicking here for information on the MPEG-4 AVC Model.

24 Jun

Paradise Datacom X-Band Micro Block Upconverters (BUC)

The Paradise Datacom μBUC is an X-Band Block Up Converter module designed specifically for highly mobile commercial and military X-Band applications.

Paradise Datacom X-Band Micro Block Upconverter

The μBUC is ideal for use in any Fly-away or Manpack application where miniature form factor and light weight are a requirement.

The converter can automatically detect and phase lock to external reference frequencies of 5, 10, and 50 MHz over a wide range of power levels.

For complete specifications or to request a quote Click Here

22 Jun

Idirect SkyCelerator Satellite Network Accelerator

The SkyCelerator product family is an ideal solution for government and enterprises alike that need to deploy highly secure networks able to handle advanced encryption or VPN solutions without compromising TCP performance.

Idirect Skycelerator Network Example

Designed to proactively answer the challenges that come with TCP acceleration of encrypted data, SkyCelerator is a high-performance, standards based device that fully integrates the Space Communications Protocol Specification-Transport Protocol (SCPS-TP), high ratio real time data compression, HTTP Acceleration, pre-fetching and other link and performance enhancement techniques.

Idirect Skycelerator Satellite Network Accelerator

SkyCelerator provides a superior user experience while also maximizing use of expensive satellite bandwidth resources. It’s fully optimized to work within iDirect networks at speeds up to 45 Mbps for hub side appliances and up to 16 Mbps at the remote side.

For more information on the Idirect SkyCelerator, you can view the products here:

Idirect Model 1150 Skycelerator Satellite Network Accelerator supporting 16 Mbps Aggregate Throughput and 4,000 simultaneous TCP Sessions.


Idirect Model 1280 Skycelerator Satellite Network Accelerator supporting 45 Mbps Aggregate Throughput and 10,000 simultaneous TCP Sessions.

16 Jun

Complete Line of Norsat LNBs

Satcom Resources has recently updated all of its Norsat DRO and PLL LNB lineup. We have completed the addition of all the Ku-Band, C-Band, X-Band and Ka-Band LNBs on the website and they can be found here:

Norsat Ku-Band PLL LNBs

Norsat Ku-Band DRO LNBs

Norsat C-Band PLL LNBs

Norsat C-Band DRO LNBs

Norsat Ka-Band LNBs

Norsat X-Band LNBs

If you browse our LNB/LNA main categories Here, there are several LNB and LNA configurators.